Note: By reading this, you accept the "Terms and Agreements" below.

Terms and Agreements:
Any pain inflicted by this "gun" or by your own idiocy while attempting to build the "gun" is not my fault. Deciding to shoot your friend/your toy/your pet/yourself is your decision and your decision alone, though there is always the influence of others. I cannot and will not accept responsibility for your actions, unless I, in any way, shape, or form influenced you directly within a distance of 10 yards (9.144 meters) of you to shoot your friend/your toy/your pet/yourself, etc.This is not a toy. This is a potentially lethal weapon.

This "gun" is built from two parts: the magazine/feed and the barrel (ram included). A couple of things you will notice about this "gun" are that it has no stopper/blocker/whatever the thing is called that stops the ram; it jams readily if not fired correctly (and if you just aren't lucky, but it is easily unjammed); by shotgun I mean 2 bullets at a time (you will realize how annoying this turns out to be later); and, finally and most importantly, the magazine is detachable (meaning you can remove it and attach a fresh one instead of having to constantly reload!!! OMGZORZ!!!!).

Note: Any list of required pieces is the list of pieces I used to build my version of the "gun." Certain pieces can be exchanged for others.

Special Thanks to: (your name here), an actual Instructables username, for the amazing magazine design. You will notice that I modified it slightly.

Step 1: Constructing the Barrel and Ram

This is the easy part.

1 black rod
1 tan clip connector
1 red connector
1 orange connector

2 yellow rods
1 red rod
8 orange connectors
7 red connectors
2 grey connectors
1 white connector

The ram is self explanatory.

For the barrel, just attach the many pieces onto the single red rod.

Please excuse the blurry pictures.

Step 2: The Magazine

This is a hard one, but without it, you can't fire anything. Again, props to (your name here) for the amazing magazine design.

Outside: (Pictures 1-4)
21 green rods
6 white rods
14 yellow connectors
6 orange connectors
2 red connectors
2 grey connectors

Inside: (Picture 7)
2 white rods
1 green rod
2 red connectors
8 blue rods (recommended amount of ammo per reload/magazine)

Bottom: (Pictures 5-6)
3 green rods
2 yellow rods
4 tan clip connectors
4 green connectors
4 red connectors
4 light gray connectors

I will show you how to build it in three parts: the outside, the bottom, and the inside. The inside is just the ammo and the auto feed. The outside and bottom are the important structures.

Just follow the pictures.

Step 3: Firing

This is the simplest thing ever. Just pull the ram back a significant distance back (but not so far as to have it leave the barrel) and then release. Because there is no ram stopper thing, this gun comes with rapid fire capability! That's good and bad. It's good because, well, it's rapid fire. It's bad because as the magazine holds such a limited amount of bullets and because the gun fires 2 per fire, the magazine is depleted extremely fast, forcing constant reloading/switching magazines.

Step 4: Jamming and How to Fix It

Jamming is the probably the most annoying aspect of the gun, second to the necessity of constant reloading/switching magazines. The bad part about it is that it happens very often and most of the time, you don't realize it until too late. The good part about it is that this problem is very easy to fix.

Jamming usually occurs when you are rapid firing (which you should be) carelessly (which you shouldn't be). There are 2 tell-tale signs of jamming. 1, if a jam occurs, only 1 bullet is fired. 2, the ram does not have the ability to be pulled back into the barrel, unless you really force it (which you shouldn't do). If you look at the front of the magazine, you should notice that a bullet, the one that was not fired, is trapped under the ram, preventing the ram from leaving the magazine.

If you realize there is a jam immediately, then the front of the magazine should look like the picture below. This is only when you've just fired, realized a jam occurred, and haven't fired again. Usually, when you're rapid firing, you don't realize there is a jam until you notice that nothing is shooting out. When this happens, the bullet trapped underneath the ram probably has been pulled back.

Either way, all you have to do to remove the jam is to expose the bullet so you can get a good hold on it, then pull the bullet out.

Step 5: Attaching/Detaching/Reloading

This is pretty simple. The pictures should say it all.

#1-4: Attaching
#5-9: Reloading
#10-13: Detaching

Step 6: Conclusion

Now that you've built your nice Knex Semi Automatic Shotgun, bask in the glory of your great accomplishment. Then shoot people, massacre people, terrorize people, and pwn people. Just make sure to be safe. Read the Warning again if you refuse to comply with that last statement.

Have fun!
where does the last 2 orange and 1 green rod go together?
piece count please<br>
looks simple and dangerous. :-)
not semi auto<br> semi meaning pull the trigger back and firing and auto meaning when the trigger is replaced at its place it has reloded automaticly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>
can you make a handle for this?
good gun but there are some problems it it <br>
love the mag<br>
i love this!!! 5.0
Well if its a potentially lethal weapon, why build it? If I wanted something lethal, I could get my dads real 12 gauge shotgun or just use my compound bow and kill something. Now that's lethal.
Honestly why would you play with knex at your age. No offence or nothing. Its still cool though. But sad aswell.
This is late, but they are fun.
i wish we had real guns at our house.
Well your dad's real 12 gauge shotgun is potentially lethal too. All knex guns and all weapons for that matter posted on this website are potentially lethal too. Why build those? Because they're more potentially lethal than this one. So please stop wasting your time and my time here.
potentially lethal??? sure. my best gun shot at like,i dunno,40 feet. If an airsoft gun at 300 fps. fires spherical rounds of about .2 grams 175 feet with a 11 gauge spring.i doubt that this could fire a round of like 4 gram rods hard enough to kill anything,but,hell, what do i know?
Oh jesus, I really didn't mean to start a big debate about all this, I completely forgot i had that comment and people are still replying 3 months later. Wow. Um, yea you go with your conversations then,i probably wont be replying anytime soon.
and i could simply get my OWN (yes, it's legal to own one) PS-G1 converted(by me) to fully automatic.
post a pic of it
here it is
I shall
cool gun thanks i forgot how to make this clip
try to make a true trigger for this gun
I built it a few weeks ago. It is awsom. great instructable.5 stars
are you a maker of pivot
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/">CHECK THIS OUT!!!</a><br/>
push the yelow part on the barrel forward so its like a lock
this looks awsome im gonna make this i have a way of putting a trigger on it i might post it awsome
cool idea that magazine 4stars
i know a good mod for this gun!!!!! LONGER MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!! what do u think???
i cant seem to work it.
What part of it can you not seem to work?
to fire it
Not semi auto, Not repeater, And DEFINITLY not a shotgun.
oh yeah forgot some things: 1.)shotguns arnt semiauto. there pump-action 2.)this gun sucks. 3.)unless you had good reviews with your freinds, dont post. (soory, blind statement) That is all.
he has a point yeknow!
a shotgun is a shotgun; a semiauto is a semiauto. and he should have gotten good reviews first.
And I don't see you having posted any Instructables. According to what you said, that means that anything you've built, if any, got horrible reviews from your friends.
im working on one now...
actually im working on 2 right now...
Never heard of a semi-auto shotgun?<br/><br/>&quot;Shotguns come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 5.5 mm (.22 inch ) bores up to 5 cm (2 inch) bores, and in a range of firearm operating mechanisms, including breech loading double barreled shotguns, pump-action, bolt-action, lever-action, and <strong>semi-automatic models</strong>.&quot;<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shotgun">Read this article</a><br/>
well technically this isn't a shotgun anyway. also thank you for pointing this out. sorry about the criticism
Looks like people have been pretty derogatory about your gun, but I think it's GREAT! I love the magazine idea. Fires well, too.
Potentoally leathel? UMM YA RIGHT
Yea, maybe try using multiple STRONG rubberbands and then say it's not potentially lethal.
Step 1: Build the thing.<br/>Step 2: Put on <strong>MULTIPLE STRONG</strong> rubberbands.<br/>Step 3: Fire the thing. (Read and comply with the terms listed under Terms and Agreements beforehand)<br/><br/>If you need more clarification than that, you are not going to get it.<br/><br/>
i did not understand what you said, as it was rather incoherant. i know how to work the gun. And there is no way that this gun could be lethal, unless you shot it down their throat and they choked.
I know that you know how to work the gun, but I was quite unsure of whether or not you knew how to make it more lethal (my way was just to put on more rubberbands, your way may be to aim at certain parts of the body of the target, I really don't care as long as you understand that this gun can be lethal)
It is not leathal. you cannot die from a knex rod hitting your foot, no matter the power. ok?

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