Step 4: Jamming and How to Fix it

Picture of Jamming and How to Fix it
Jamming is the probably the most annoying aspect of the gun, second to the necessity of constant reloading/switching magazines. The bad part about it is that it happens very often and most of the time, you don't realize it until too late. The good part about it is that this problem is very easy to fix.

Jamming usually occurs when you are rapid firing (which you should be) carelessly (which you shouldn't be). There are 2 tell-tale signs of jamming. 1, if a jam occurs, only 1 bullet is fired. 2, the ram does not have the ability to be pulled back into the barrel, unless you really force it (which you shouldn't do). If you look at the front of the magazine, you should notice that a bullet, the one that was not fired, is trapped under the ram, preventing the ram from leaving the magazine.

If you realize there is a jam immediately, then the front of the magazine should look like the picture below. This is only when you've just fired, realized a jam occurred, and haven't fired again. Usually, when you're rapid firing, you don't realize there is a jam until you notice that nothing is shooting out. When this happens, the bullet trapped underneath the ram probably has been pulled back.

Either way, all you have to do to remove the jam is to expose the bullet so you can get a good hold on it, then pull the bullet out.
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cool gun thanks i forgot how to make this clip