Introduction: K'nex Semi-Automatic/Single Action

Picture of K'nex Semi-Automatic/Single Action

Pull Back Slide
True Trigger
6 -rd magazine of skortest connectors
extended barrel

able to shoot yellow sticks about 10 meters accurately with 4 rubber bands though
sorry guys, but you have to pull back the slide everytime to fire, you can replace some of the white snowflake ones not in the barrel with the blue piece useed in step 4

Step 1: Pieces Required

Picture of Pieces Required

these are the pieces you need along. three special black connector pieces are not listed though but are not nexessary as they are used to make the sights.

Step 2: Making the Stock

Picture of Making the Stock

The end of the stock can be made anyway you like but i find that this is the most comfortable ...your choice

Step 3: Constructing the Barrel

Picture of Constructing the Barrel

This is the barrel. The extra orange connector is to stop the ammo from falling out the barrel if you are pointing down

Step 4: Completing the Barrel

Picture of Completing the Barrel

try to figure out the rubber band placement right now until i add more info. you need to add two blue connectors to the front and two white sticks at the back. the blue part is the trigger and the big blue thing connects the barrel with the stock.

Step 5: Making the Barrel Extension

Picture of Making the Barrel Extension

this is not a required part of the gun but i find it helps improve accuracy and when using higher tension rubber bands as the rounds will tend to fly out of the barrel very oddly without it

Step 6: Making the Magazine

Picture of Making the Magazine

you need to cut the two grey pieces so a green connector can fit through the top easily

Step 7: Making the Handle

Picture of Making the Handle

the first pictures yellow connectors going down the middle are the ones that connect to the barrel at the connector that connects the stock and barrel

Step 8: Making the Scope

Picture of Making the Scope

more to come to find out how to attach it


gunmanx (author)2007-05-02

dude this didnt work for crap urrg wat a waist of time :(

ratman2.0 (author)gunmanx2007-05-04

yeah, and what the hell was wrong with it? it works fine for me. btw, for those out there who can't complete it without further instructions, u shouldnt be able to build anything at all

panthersfan (author)ratman2.02011-08-16

it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gunmanx (author)ratman2.02007-05-04

i finished it bug wenever i try to load the mag it loads in properly and u didnt even tell us how to make a ram...

Knex Lego Maniac (author)2007-03-24


im not pro and correct me if im wrong :p but aint a magnum a revolver? that looks a bit more berreta

no, a magnum is a gun that fires a higher caliber ammo then a normal gun. and that is not a picture of his magnum it is way too solid looking.

ratman2.0 (author)An Villain2009-08-06

necro post much? and while you try to figure out the word necro, he HAS made it, googling killerk magnum isn't that hard is it?

An Villain (author)ratman2.02009-08-07

yes he has, i have built it (4 times) it is cool.

No, not necessarily. What about a Desert Eagle .44? ; )

alfpwns (author)Knex Lego Maniac2008-11-14


wow that's sic!!!

gunmanx (author)Knex Lego Maniac2007-11-12

u lied about posting this lol then u disapeared becuz u cudent take it anymore and then u said u would post ur mg but u didnt

Whaleman (author)gunmanx2007-11-12

This is real. And he never actually "bs"ed (not a verb, but what the heck, I will humour you anyway) He was planning about posting his MG, and even the best laid plans of mice and men can go awry. And while he was planning on posting his magnum, he became to busy ACTUALLY HAVING A LIFE, which is not a crime. And after he had been gone for about a week, around 6 people posted his magnum (without his permission, as far as I know). So show some respect.

Ludwig Gunner (author)Whaleman2008-01-02

Whoo! Yeah! Tell em'!

gunmanx (author)Whaleman2007-11-15

o rly? im busy offten but u still see me post instructables no one could be so busy they can take a few piks and upload em on the computer and type a few things. being that "busy" is jukst being lazy. and he wasent gone for just a week he was gone for like 3 freakin months

neoplayer2 (author)gunmanx2007-11-23


Whaleman (author)gunmanx2007-11-15

Except that KILLERK has a life, and your pictures are nothing compared to KILLERK's, and he actually says more than just "make these."

yeah, i dont see any magnum!?

other people posted a ruff version of it for me just search Magnum or something it will come up

gunmanx (author)Knex Lego Maniac2007-11-12

lol how come u bs so much

Knex Lego Maniac (author)gunmanx2007-11-12

what is bs about this?

TorBomb (author)2008-10-31

i love how you labeled how to collect the pieces

The Jamalam (author)2008-07-05

100th comment! :P

Xellers (author)2008-03-06

*sigh* Not enough long, grey rods to build this.

Really, it only uses like four...

neoplayer2 (author)2007-11-23

HEY! you didn't say that you needed those blue spacers! I don't have those, are thay necessary?

smidge147 (author)2007-06-19

finish the instructable!!!!!!!!!lol

ratman2.0 (author)smidge1472007-06-19

lol, already workin on it, school finally finished, finally got some time

Mepain (author)ratman2.02007-10-17

Wow, been a long time since u were on...

smidge147 (author)ratman2.02007-06-19

lol ive also left school and im going to college in september.

knex boy (author)2007-06-30

shall i post my crossbow?????? heres a pic

pates1 (author)knex boy2007-07-27

Yea post it!!!!!!

toogood (author)knex boy2007-07-03

yes y not

Aggie_Rob (author)2007-07-13

how do the rounds get pushed up into the barrel without a rubberband. Do u have to push it manuelly?

phlorgan (author)2007-07-13

looks kool do the rounds go in the mag on the bottom?

helpful_hintter1020 (author)2007-05-27

how do you connect them im stuck

ratman2.0 (author)2007-05-02

hi there, if u don't cut them, u won't be able to load rounds into the magazine as it is a feed port for the bullets whichever size u use. I'm not sure about this but i think there are some new pieces out there that are already in that shape but i'm not sure. hope that helps, sry about not updating the instructions, if u need any more help feel free to ask. btw, tell me how it shoots after u make it.

g12345389 (author)ratman2.02007-05-24

can't you just use black ball joint connectors?

ratman2.0 (author)g123453892007-05-24

sry, im a little behind on what parts there are, if the black ball joint connectors fit sure, use them. i think i've seen something that resembles my cut grey magazine piece but im not sure..schools finishin mid june for me so ill be updatin this instructable, sry its takin so long and as for the ram, notice theres two grey pieces at the bottom, thread a yellow rod through there and attach a grey connector to the end stickin out the mag, then thread a rubber band through and attach the bands to the snowflake connector at the top of the mag with those really short green/black connectors. hope this helps

g12345389 (author)ratman2.02007-05-27

can u show pics cuz idk what u mean

g12345389 (author)ratman2.02007-05-24

i made something now, but i need more power to get it out out the connector, but i assume it works.

gunmanx (author)ratman2.02007-05-02


Flie-Ing GOOse (author)2007-05-05

whats the point in postin half an instructable?

smidge147 (author)2007-05-02

geeeez fucking finish this instructables it has been in complete for ages now!

gunmanx (author)2007-05-01

wat happens if u dnt cut them

OllyB123 (author)2007-03-10

Hi, this is my first comment on instructables!

Btw, just like 2 add this cud be a bit clearer!

NineInchNails (author)2006-12-08

i had no luck with this gun so i kinda made one based off of urs. for mine, the two modes can be adjusted by changing the barrel extension (the rifle uses the same idea as KILLERK's gun), the firing pin (one has a sharpened end) and adding the magazine. It works really well and i like ur magazine a lot. Oh and also, i think ur gun would work a lot better if u put the magazine closer to the front (just my opinion)

hey do you have constructables for those 2 guns cuz i cant get ratmans to work

ratman2.0 (author)NineInchNails2006-12-10

hey, putting the magazine closer to the front works better but having it halfway down the barrel makes it look more realistic, have you tried having a bottom feed magazine instead of putting it like a gravity fed mag. thats what the rubber band is for. if you want gravity fed, you dont really need the rubber band for the mag. also, why dont you try the dual locking mechanism and connect the firing pin to another similar firing pin that is in front of the mag so the bullets dont fall out like on my design. It works better and doesnt interfere with accuracy. Since its christmas, i hope to be posting a sniper version of my gun when it is about a week before christmas It looks like a real sniper, it is more aesthetically pleasing and is more refined

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