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Introduction: Knex Semi-auto With *NEW* Magazine System

This gun has a brand new knex magazine system where the bullet drops in.

Pic 2. Peices. P.S. I made some mods from my original, so you will need some more pieces than the ones shown.

Step 1: Start to Construct the Barrel

Just follow the pictures and throughout this instructable, MAKE SURE YOU READ THE SCREEN NOTES!

Step 2: Continue Step 1

Follow the pics...

Step 3: Continue Step 2

Just follow the pics...

Step 4: Continue Step 3

Follow the pics...

Step 5: Continue Step 4

Follow the pics..... (again)

Step 6: Continue to Build the Magazine...

Just follow the pictures. if you need help read the screen notes.

Step 7: Continue to Build the Mag and Construct the Handle

Finish magazine and construct the handle, attach handle on step 8.

Step 8: Adding the Rubber Bands

Just follow the pictures.

Step 9: Loading

How to load. Put the bullets in the magazine through the \/ shape in the blue piece on the top. see picture.



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    no, definetely not bolt-action, its a crappy firing pin (action?)...but yea, bolt action is when u pull back the bolt, releasing the bullet, then pushing the bullet into the barrel where it will finaly be fired..this is just a mere "pull back and release".

    Back in 09 firing pin action was called bolt action. Soooo... Look at da date. ;-)

    but were not in 09, were in 11, look at da modern date

    But you replied on a post made in 09. Sir, do you know what a troll is?

    ooooooooooh ok my bad ;p

    i cant even make out the images... (-.-) <--me trying to make out the pics

    This is a really rather good gun, sure it occasionally fires more than 1 bulltet, but it's really cool to be able to load it like a shotgun, because of the good hopper-based magazine system.
    keep up the good work 3 years ago!
    I think this is the best knex gun-with-a-magazine for people on a knex budget!

    i dont have that many y connectors : (

    build a gun without y connectors or the black y shaped things

    2 replies

    that waz quite last year so . you now replying!

    Should I post this semi automatic true trigger pistol? Great range and great quality. :)

    7 replies


    I'll post a link here when it is done

    its not semi auto

    u pull the firing pin everytime before u pull the trigger.

    it's still pull back and fire?