This is my new creation it is a shell ejecting knex G36C that i got bored and made and the mecanisim it uses is the same one on my shell ejecting sniper that i made. I hope you like it please rate comment and subscribe!!
<p>It is incredible please post!</p>
Nice dunkis shell ejecting gun mech. You really improved on his handle
On the whole, good job, however it could look more like a G36C.
yea it just has some added support it needed but i didnt have to have it
Come again?
i added some support on the stock that i shouldnt have
Actually the handle and the magazine are the most off
i cant make the mag curved and be shell ejecting and the handle doesnt matter
You can make a half - fake curved magazine, and if you want the replica to be accurate the handle needs to look more like this
Someones in a bad mood XD
no its just not everything has to be exact
If you call it a G36C, then at least have the courtesy to spend some time perfecting it.
it looks fine the handle is a little diffrent ohwell
ok i will have it up soon should i put the clip to or just the barrel part
yes it is
Doesn't look too much like the G36c, and you pretty much got that mech from the dunkis anyways.
not the shell ejecting mec i didnt i came up with it
It's the exact same as his, lol.
I love the shell ejection part but still doesn't look like one.<br>4*
k thanks
you mean i should post the shell ejecting mec
little chunky in places compared to a real one, but all round, looks great! nice mag, trigger, and stock, it has sights but the same old shell ejecting mech :(
yea but it is pretty cool

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