This is a pretty cool gun, it isnt made for looks but purely for performance. This gun will shoot almost anything you can fit in the barrel. Somethings i have shot pencils, dice, and knex of course. I mostly use red rods, around 20. If you want to build follow the pics it is a very simple build.
Pretty cool,i like the barrel, 4 stars
please, please, please instructions<br>
Can't build from the pics shown?
Its more of a cqb weapon but it can do decent damage espically if sharpened rods
You made my 200th comment!!! 8D
It isnt modeled after any particular shotgun but it has the shotgun effect of shooting as many bullets as you put in the chamber
ya but im running short on ideas very fast
nice, redo the stock, the rest of its nice =D
And FIRST!!!
Cool =)

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