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Introduction: K'nex Shotgun

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This a K'nex shotgun that I made. To load it, you pull back the bolt on the top, then you put the shell into the chamber, and
then you close the bolt. It uses a sear trigger, because that is the only type of trigger that would work. The sear is at such
a high angle, that the pin wants to push upward. The trigger can't hold too many bands, because the pin will push up and
fire prematurely. If someone could figure out how to make the sear better, than it could hold more bands.
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    It is posted. =D Just check my other instructables, and you'll find it.

    So you are going to post it?!

    Yes, I'll post it. I try to post it today if I get the time to do it.

    very nice. i especially like the shells. good work. how many layers thick is it? 5? if so, how do you hold the shell in the middle layer? please answer, i'd like to know.

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    Thanks! Yes, it is 5 layers thick. In the first picture, the white connecters in the chamber are the walls of the gun. They don't move. You can see a bit of a blue
    hinge on one side, and the a black part of a hinge on the other side. These pieces are part of the sliding chamber and are in the third layer. In the second picture, you can see the that the rods sticking out of the shell rest on the hinge pieces, so it can be 5 layers. I hope this helped.

    Pictures2712 024.jpgPictures2712 025.jpg

    it did, thanks. and once again, very nice gun. 4.5*

    Thanks for the 4.5 star rating.

    I love the chamber opening concept with charging handle. It could be modified to work on a replica weapon I'm sure. And then it'd add to the effect of a repeating shell ejecting weapon.

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    Did you think this was shell ejecting? Sadly, it isn't shell ejecting, because
    the shell fits tightly in the chamber. It would be cool if there was a lever that pushed the shell out when you pulled back the charging handle.

    I didn't say this was, just that it'd be a nice touch to a weapon that does eject shells.

    How would I get it to eject the shells?

    (random thought, so if you don't want, don't do it) Maybe something like an forward assist, like on an m16 or scar (that little thing the player pushes in on the weapon when reloading in MW3), so you push it, and it pushes out the shell

    *added video with what I mean, if you look closely after mag insert, he pushes something. I mean that part*

    Do you mean when you push a button to the side, then it pushes the shell
    out to the side?