Knex Shotgun





Introduction: Knex Shotgun

This is my personally made shotgun that shoots a good 40 ft with three rubberbands with a bullet and it will make a small hole in the wall and it will knock the wind out of you if you shoot yourself in the stomach.
Took me 10 mins to build

Step 1: Handle

sorry for quality but do the best you can it is really easy

Step 2: Frame

This will take al ot of yellow connectors and white rods

Step 3: Rubber Band Holder and Trigger

This shows you the rubber band holder and trigger and where to put it

Step 4: Connecting the Two Frames and Bullet Holder

this shows me connecting the two frames to become one with orange connectors and blue rods and the bullet holder

Step 5: Rubberbands, Handle, Important Piece

Attaching handle, important piece, and rubberbands

Step 6: The Bullet. How to Shoot

This is the bullet it shoots a good 40 ft with 3 thick rubberbands that stretch all the way.
to shoot you need to pull the first green rod back to it makes a click sound and you press the second one far back enough to shoot



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    could u make the pictures less blurry next time

    How does a picture come out this blurry? Do you have Parkinson's or something?

    this is the coolest thing next to the cannon

    You pictures and instructions are amazingly unclear...

    i will make a new one and get a video on how good it is but for now this is what i have. the reason it is blurry is that i didnt have my camera's tripod to take better pics. Soooorry!

    the pictures are blurry, and the gun is very weak structurally.

    4 replies

    I concor, and i found out what eminem is and i am so embarrassed...

    in what way? eminem rules.

    embarrased i didn't know what eminem was

    This gun is horrible, its worse than my K7 12G shotgun that uses one rubberband at 300 pieces to shoot 90 ft 5 bullets!!!

    Can you take a picture of the camera you are using? I think it should be on failblog.