Picture of Knex Shotgun
This is my personally made shotgun that shoots a good 40 ft with three rubberbands with a bullet and it will make a small hole in the wall and it will knock the wind out of you if you shoot yourself in the stomach.
Took me 10 mins to build

Step 1: Handle

Picture of Handle
sorry for quality but do the best you can it is really easy
this is the coolest thing next to the cannon
very cool
narutome445 years ago
horibble pics

You pictures and instructions are amazingly unclear...
skaldragon (author) 6 years ago
i will make a new one and get a video on how good it is but for now this is what i have. the reason it is blurry is that i didnt have my camera's tripod to take better pics. Soooorry!
DJ Radio6 years ago
the pictures are blurry, and the gun is very weak structurally.
I concor, and i found out what eminem is and i am so embarrassed...
in what way? eminem rules.
embarrased i didn't know what eminem was
knex_mepalm6 years ago
This gun is horrible, its worse than my K7 12G shotgun that uses one rubberband at 300 pieces to shoot 90 ft 5 bullets!!!
Bartboy6 years ago
Can you take a picture of the camera you are using? I think it should be on failblog.