This is my first instructable. This gun holds 8 bullets! its has a true trigger, has a bullet holder in the stock, and its cool looking. remember to subscribe!
<p>VV newest comment I've found on knex guns lol</p>
<p>Great job man! It is very unique!</p>
<p>I am sick of people like you who claim to make instructables but instructables have to have instructions</p>
Dude your way behind in the ibex world that was my very first knew post and just because it says Instructables doesn't mean it has to have instructions. And I don't like you ether because you claim something completely stupid and a waist of my time. Thanks for you comment.
Hey. I know you posted this awhile back but, Whats the ammo? <br> <br>P.S. Thanks for the sub.
If i remember i think it shout blue rods.
Alright, thanks!
why you guys posting this stuff and call it a shotgun if it is not a shotgun, a shotgun has a pump, this doesn't. but anyway nice looking gun 4.5*
Well apparently you are not following life you are following 4 years behind.
not all shotguns are pump. some are break action.some are bolt action.
some are semi automatic (benelli m4 super 90) some are fully automatic (pancor jackhammer)
what gages are you talking about???????
ah, i see
i thik it is cool but u should make the clip bigger<br>
thx but it is long gone
ill work on it and post it with u'r permisson
That will work just sya when you are going to be done and maybe post.<br>
k . wat type of mech did u use?
OOOOOOOOOOOO it was just a simple meck i was only a beginner back than.
mech, you're spelling annoys me
it is a short term.
no, <em>mech&nbsp;</em>is an short term. For&nbsp;<em>mech</em>anism. A&nbsp;<em>meck</em>anism is nothing
ill send the instruction pics to u for u to post k
firing pin or slingshot?
Just a simple trigger.
This aint a Shotgun, but I don't care, generic, but looks gooood. 4*
im sorry rong shoty
shotguns usualy shoot 3 bullets at once like this one
Sorry ryry2011
Hij ziet er echt cool uit maar kunt u mij ook de instructies opsturen?
what <br>
he say's its good looking and he asks for instructions XD
tell him that it was my seconed post.and thanks
cool looking gun, 4.5 stars
Not a shotgun, but still alright. 4 stars.
no prob

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