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Introduction: Knex Shotgun

About: Hi i am a knexer that builds and post how to build guns and weapons. My specilty is guns and new amos.You can subsribe to what ever you feel is cool to you.Remeber to rate,subsribe and comment.All bad commen...

This is my first instructable. This gun holds 8 bullets! its has a true trigger, has a bullet holder in the stock, and its cool looking. remember to subscribe!



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    VV newest comment I've found on knex guns lol

    I am sick of people like you who claim to make instructables but instructables have to have instructions

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    Dude your way behind in the ibex world that was my very first knew post and just because it says Instructables doesn't mean it has to have instructions. And I don't like you ether because you claim something completely stupid and a waist of my time. Thanks for you comment.

    i dont realy care for spelling =)

    Ok, but I didn't know what you ment with gage, so It could help if you just tried to use proper spelling.

    He means Gauge.

    yo he already knows

    k jus to let u know i like to use italics +bold in typing

    hahahaha i saw the rich editor thing so i tested it out yknow

    cooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!! ever shoten 1

    Nice! I never shot an gun before. Unless you count airguns and guns used with the "schutterij" as we call it in the netherlands. But those hardly have any recoil.

    ive never shot 12 or 16 but ive shot 20 gauge 22caliber

    ok, I only shot .177 diabolo and 6mm airsoft, and some bigger ammo with schutterij shooting. See link above for info

    cool except could u find pics for the gun mabe?

    schutterij (since im american