Knex Shotgun Concept





Introduction: Knex Shotgun Concept


I would like to thank TD for this fantastic concept.

Anyway, I made TheDunkis' Shotgun Concept , and have added a few enhancements of my own:
>Larger, Stronger Mag
>Stronger design
>New Trigger (I could not see TD's trigger on the video!)
>Unusual looks- It looks like a cross between a pistol and a rifle!

I also would like someone to name it. Nothing like THE EXTERMINATOR ZX5000 6000 MK7 STDF SGME or anything ridiculous like that. Something simple. I hope to post as soon as I can. When my camera has more batteries and the 'Save' button is fixed. 



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    Looks like something from Borderlands 2.

    It's a glitch. It does this to me sometimes. Report it in Bugs Section

    Call it the.... RSS for Rail System Shotgun, because the bolt is on a rail.

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    TD wanted me to call it the BSW (it is mostly his gun), it's posted by the way.

    Thought you'd quit?

    Back after a while. I took the knex buckets out of my closet after awhile... and yeah.

    Wow. I wish i had enough peices D:

    that is frigging awusome man, automatically 5 stars!!!!!!!! Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    HOW IS THIS NOT 5 STARS???? uhgggg ppl stop hating plz LOL

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    The rating went down :( It was 4.46, then 4.02, haters alert, I have a pretty good idea who it is... As those are the only 2 people I have annoyed on this site!

    Anyway, the posted version is higher rated :)

    Mkay, I'll post here. I say name it something simple. My plan was calling it something like the BSW (Basic Shot Weapon) in following my BAW in that they both are designed with much room for customization.

    Up for making it pump action? I think I have a simple idea for doing it by using a sear. Of course, that'll make the gun kind of long. However, it'd probably be able to take many more bands because it'll be a sort of hybrid pin. The front can still hold the bands and be wide to hit all three connectors but there will still be a back to take the shock. But because the bands won't be on the back, it shouldn't take as much to reinforce it. Then you just need to make a trigger that can catch on it. I'm thinking that using a light grey on the back of the pin with a vertical sliding trigger would work well because it would push the trigger down with the slant and then catch on the edge. The pump shouldn't be that difficult because you'll have plenty of room to work with this design.

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    I'll just post it as-is at the moment. I have made the top rail stronger by using the technique on Zak's Railbow. I have also made the original mag you put on it stronger, because the mag I used on it is strong, but does not allow the mag pusher to lock down (reloading is a b**ch). I have also noticed that this can be used as a normal grey clip shooter, as the mag is a perfectly-sized slot for a grey clip magazine (like the one on the Final Stand). I don't think this will be posted this week, as my cousin who currently has it being stubborn, and blocked me from any social/networking sites, and I have no Idea why. When he gets back in touch, I will post it.

    Mkay, fair enough. Still think you could give the pump a shot? I'd do it myself if I had the pieces. As is, the gun is great. I suspect with a pump it would make for a decent war weapon.

    Its a simple mech really, i tried this, its really easy, it also helps guns look realistic if done right, but is not the strongest

    very cool gun, similar to the one i built almost 2 years back.( its posted as mag fed shotgun thought up by oblivitus). but this one is very linited as far as power goes; the yellow connector can only handle so many band before the green rods break it.
    but awesome job reguardless!

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    Your back!? I really like your Hellslayer =D

    kinda.. im starting to miss my knex :( i shoudnt have sold them

    and thanks! fun gun :)