K'nex Shotgun (Instructions)





Introduction: K'nex Shotgun (Instructions)

This is the instructable for my K'nex shotgun. I would recomend that you should build it, because it is a decent shotgun. Please rate, comment, and subscribe.

Step 1: The Main Body

Here you will make the body of the gun.

Image 1 : Build these panels.
Image 2 : This is another view of the trigger mechanism.
Image 3 : Here is yet another view of the trigger mech.
Image 4 : Attach the other panel from image 1 to the stuff you just built.
Image 5 : Build these pieces.
Image 6 : Take the pieces you just built and put them in the places shown.

You are done with the body. Go on to the next step.

Step 2: The Bolt

Here you will make the bolt and some other small things.

Image 1 : Build all these pieces.
Image 2 : Put on the pieces you just made like so.
Image 3 : Here is the other side of the bolt.
Image 4 : Take the other piece from image 1 and put it on the end of the gun after you put the bolt in.
Image 5 : This is the firing pin. Put tape on it to strengthen it.
Image 6 : Put the firing pin in the gun like so.

Step 3: You're Done!

Have fun with this gun, and be sure to subscribe.

Step 4: Who Has Made It.

This is the vengeful aug's gun:



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    hay vengeful aug how to do u make the trigger work been trying for 7 hours
    plz help :(

    What trouble are you having? If you show me a few pictures maybe I could help.

    :s oops, nvm. I don't have enough hinges

    Looks sweet! I'll try to build it ASAP. I'd like to see a parts list, though, but I'll see if I can make one (Don't be surprised if I don't)

    How exactly does this system work?

    I love the idea of this gun! I don't know why Puddock didn't like it.......

    ok thats cool i actually like it better than the other, it was too short