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Introduction: Knex Shotgun Pistol

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This is a knex shotgun pistol. This gun fires 3 white rod at the same time. You just cock back the ram, load in the 3 white rod, pull the trigger and.... FIRE!

  • Good range
  • Reliable trigger
  • Comfy handle
  • Spreads the bullets
  • Can withstand loads of bands
  • Has iron sights
  • You have to manually load the bullets
  • Takes about 6-8 seconds to reload (Thats valuble time in a war!)

Check out this video of it firing!

get building! :-)

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Step 1: Handle

This is the handle. Read the notes on the pictures.

Step 2: The Back End

This is the back end. Read the notes on the pictures.

Step 3: The Main Barrel

This is the main barrel. Read the notes on the pictures.

There are quite alot of pictures on this step because it is quite hard... :/

Step 4: The Ram + Trigger

This is the hram and trigger. Read the notes on the pictures.

This requires a cut part.

Step 5: Assembling

This is how to assemble all of the parts you just made. Read the notes on the pictures.

Step 6: Adding the Rubberbands

Adding the rubberbands. Follow the notes.

Step 7: Finished!

Congratulations! You have finshed you shotgun pistol!

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Also, here is a video of how to load and fire it!



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    38 Discussions

    Neat. I like shotguns. Where I live we have the rule that every bullet that hits is one "life". With a gun like this the target would be out of the game in two shots.

    How's the reliability of this thing? Is it worth it? I saw other shotguns that often had misfires.

    2 replies

    It is reliable and powerful yes. But if I was you I'd build it and mod it a little, cause I made this when I was a bit new to guns.

    Meh, I'm not that good with modding things. Normally my own guns fail pretty badly for multiple reasons. :-(

    The hinges can be replaced with red connectors right

    In the instructable i didnt show to cut blue rods that were originally on the handle because not many people want to cut blue rods.

    And by the way, yes, it is comfy.

     just wondering, have you ever tried shooting it without the modded light grey piece? the white rods are packed tightly in to the barrel, and i think they might all fire with just one being hit.

    3 replies

    I personality haven't tried this gun, but I do know from experience with a system similar to this one(used pretty much the same barrel, with three whites). that you can shoot all three with no back, since the little ridges on the whites hold them together through the force.

    I know that, I have built the SLIM and this one also, I am trying to build my own to put a magazine on.

    Yes, I just have to find out how to make the firing pin not blow the front off, but I almost have it.