Hello, and this instructable is to show you how to make AdamsDead's Shotgun. I know you have all been waiting for a long time now. Well its because I've been busy with school and stuff. So I hope I have enough Pictures and they are clear enough. :)(Mods)
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Step 1: Trigger

Picture of Trigger
This is the trigger for the gun obviously. You may recognize it.
Pic 1: Make This.
Pic 2: Make That.
Pic 3: It's Different from pic 2 so make that.
Pic 4: Connect Pic 2 and 3 in the correct places. Also add the gray rod to the green connector in Pic 2.
Pic 5: Attach Pic 1 to the gray rod in Pic 4.

Step 2: Barrel and Hopper.

THis will tell you how to make the barrel and hopper for the gun.
Pic 1: Make.
Pic 2: Just there to help you make pic 1.
Pic 3: Make. ( Not Hard )
Pic 4: Other side of Pic 4.
Pic 5: Attach as seen in the Picture.
Pic 6: (Yes I know I forgot to add this before the Hopper).
Pic 7: Again there to help you make Pic 6.
Pic 8: That part is crucial.
Pic 9: Connect Pic 6 to Pic 1.
Pic 10: It should look like That.
Your done with this section. :)

Step 3: Firing Pin and Pump

This part shows you how to make The pump and firing pin.
Pic 1 and 2: Make.(Same thing)
Pic 3: Add 2 grey rods with 3 blue spacers.(Grey rods are the guides.)
Pic 4 and 5: Make.(Same Thing)
Pic 6: Put Pump on like so.
Pic 7:How to attach it to barrel.
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what is that yellow piece on step three pic four and five
what is that yellow piece on step three pic four and five
mrmuffin2 years ago
oh ya do recongnise trigger from well its slightly modded from the ednators pump action p90 btw i am trying to make this and dat at same time lol
sorry instructables just glitched and made me post 3 times
This is an adamsdead shotgun not ednator
This is an adamsdead shotgun not ednator
This is an adamsdead shotgun not ednator
TigerNod4 years ago
Not bad on it's own, but it looks and works a lot like the OSNJCKMA2, without adding a lot of extra stuff the OSNJCKMA2 didn't had. Normally, a 2.5 for the low innovation factor, but a 3.0 because of the mods. Oh, and by the way, maybe you should change the main picture.
wrong its adamsdead52's gun
h88642 years ago
is this really airsoft
mrmuffin2 years ago
hmm wats the range
VINNIE SIFT3 years ago
w8 use ball sockets from a knex man
VINNIE SIFT3 years ago
is it ok if i use tan clips
How did this end up in the airsoft section? And I like Slayer better than slipknot.
LOL ok man =D I have a new forum topic.
I mean amen to slayer being better than slipknot
OH YEA!!!!
masterknex4 years ago
great gun just to let you know there is one flaw to your mag ... and that is that it alwas jams. but i have made a anti jam mag that i can show you if you want, it holds aprox: 15 blue rods but other than that BRILL GUN !
is that white rod needed on picture 2?
Acepilot425 years ago
Bari05 years ago
lol i would call it a Pump action Rifle or just a Pump action shotgun (with weird deer slugs xDD)
calburger6 years ago
do u have to modify the pieces?
no use tan clips
bradtyke5 years ago
tytyjul975 years ago
you do not need to mod unless u want the ato load
you can have auto load with no peice mods use tan clips, works great.
just to let u know i hate slipknot so i advise u change your picture. good instructable,though
what? slipknot RULES!
LAIR!!!!!!!! SOAD FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!
love system of a down more than slipknot got the albums toxicity, hypnotize, and mezmerize on my ipod
Fresh94 (author)  bombs go boom6 years ago
Ok, Ill change it when i have time. Thx :)
I have made quite a few mods to it. I also put a small side gun on the side :). It looks really cool now and the hopper has a bullet-falling-out proof design now. Can I post it?
Fresh94 (author)  gpcsmith26 years ago
Why are you asking me? Im not trying to be mean but this isnt my gun. Its adamsdeads gun.
builder9686 years ago
slipknot sucks.
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