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Your gun is still smaller than this.
than this?
So you only posted the trigger mech for it?
I posted the whole thing
It's small. Like a handgun small. But with shotgun style shooting. loox cool
Check out mine, the CS2 (Compact Shotgun 2).
will do.
It's just a handgun. It doesn't even spray out bullets.
Yes it does, I have made a similar, but better design, I will post it when I make it into a great gun because it is a lot like this gun right now - pretty simple. Knexgun, you should work on this some more it's not a bad design, it just needs to be bigger and better.
Thank you
can you post your shotgun? please
I am going to wait until it's better. Basically, I just can't figure out a trigger for the upgraded version which needs to fire two shotgun barrels in one pull. I may post pictures of that though to see if anyone else can make a trigger for it. Then once I complete that I will post versions 1 and 2 on an instructable.
how is this a shotgun. It's not even a sawed off shotgun. It's more of a pistol.
This is the best gun I have seen on this website, since the last one I looked at.
is that sarcasm?
yea i know lol
i hate it when people use sarcasm but don't say they are. on the internet you can't hear there tone of voice or facile expressions.
I don't think it is (look at his avatar).
I dont really understand how to make the barrel. Any way u can ost better pictures of how tomake please?
Huh? It's pretty easy...
LOL you deleted my comments.how sad.
LoL is it really a shotgun? It's small, like a pistol. Unless you only posted the trigger mechanism and handle.
Hi peps! Check out my sawn off shot gun! It has 2 barrels, true trigger, and fires up to 8 bullets at once with great spread! <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Sawn-off-Shot-Gun/?comments=all">Sawn off shot gun</a><br/>
<h2>people great news!!!!! you can rate your own gun when you go to rate it it says sorry you cant rate your ow well just rate it any way!!!!!!!!!</h2>
<h2>I KNOW!!!</h2>
you really need to lay off the supersized font; it doesnt make you cool to use it SO much
1. i know<br/>2. <sup>ok</sup><br/>
yep winchester 73 designed this.
I made this
my sibling made this. and I posted it
I destroyed it.
you shoot this by stacking the shots on top of each other and to make the triger spring loaded you loop a rubber band from one end of the triger white rod to the other.it can shoot a green rod to a grey rod.and it is a shot gun because it shoots several rods in a spread pattern.
This gun is awesome. Should I post mine?!? Here is a picture of the gun.
I reckon you should post it
Already have, thanks!!! :D
ya, go for it
Thanks, and I have posted it recently! <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/One-Shot-Knex-GunPistol-by-bannana-inventor/">Here</a> is a link to get you to it. There is yet another link in the comments if you want to put a real trigger on it. :D<br/>
Thanks here's a link if you'd like to see it. :) <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/One-Shot-Knex-GunPistol-by-bannana-inventor/">https://www.instructables.com/id/One-Shot-Knex-GunPistol-by-bannana-inventor/</a><br/>
Ive seen this barrel type before ... if i were you , given it's size , i would elongate the barrel slightly for aesthetics and call it a Flintlock pisotl or something.... as good as it is its not a shotgun .. too small. Sawn off if you make it slightly bigger. Trigger and handle are good , encouraging stuff !
not a shotgun, 2 stars

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