Thanks to Shadowman39 for Featuring this lift in his Guide to K'nex Ball Machine Lifts!

Link to Guide to K'nex Ball Machine Lifts: https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Official-Guide-to-Knex-Ball-Machine-Lifts/

Hello, today I am going to show you how to build the Knex Shreder Lift. It is a lift that I invented that uses the spinbox and helix principles. You use this in your ball machines.

And with that, Lets Begin!

Step 1: Step 1- Piece Gathering

Everthing uses pieces!


Green: 73
White: 72
Blue: 55
Yello: 17
Red: 16
Tan: 1


Gray 1 slot:5
Gray 2 slot:4
Red 3 slot:12
Green 4 slot:16
Yellow 5 slot:60
Blue 7 slot:10
White 8 slot:16
Purple 4 slot:57


Blue spacer:24
Gray spacer:47
Tan connectors:6
Blue gear:4
Yellow gear:2

Step 2: Step 2- Motor, Gearbox and Base

Just Look At The Pictures

Step 3: Step 3- Shredder

Just Look At The Pictures

Step 4: Step 4- Entrance and Tower-1

Just Look At The Pictures

Step 5: Step 5- Tower-2

Just Look At The Pictures

Step 6: Step 5- Your Done!

Well You might have finished this in a half-hour... but i finished this Instructable 1 year after i created it!
Well, I hope you'll use this in your next ball machine. If you do, i ask of a favor. If you use it in your next ball machine could you please put an annotation link where my lift in your video to my video and/or Instructable? Thanks!
 Farewell =D

Lego Andrew


Bonus! I Added Some Pictures of Features if you want to add this to your Knex Ball Machine!

Picture 2: Change connectors for Structure strength!
Picture 3: White Flooring
Picture 4 I will admit Balls can fall off... why not make a 'secret' bonus path?
<p>I hate myself for saying this cancer but,</p><p>Old Instructables be like ...</p>
<p>Omfg my comments... please don't read them thx.</p>
<p>Omfg my comments... please don't read them thx.</p>
Nice lift!
Thanks Knexpert!
That's pretty cool, nice lift! :D
Thanks! I also have plans for a micro version of your ring lift (I call it, micro ring lift ;P ;-P) <br>(Two different smilleys can't be 'racist' :P :-P) <br>Heard about your wing accident :P :-P
lol :P<br><br>Also, my wing already healed :3<br><br>And, i only copied the ring lift off of Shadowmans in Cataclysm, and i am like 99.9999999999% sure i gave him credits :)
Wing accident?
I was flying around and kinda crashed..........
Yeah. Drunk? <br> <br>LOLOLOLOLOL!
I don't drink
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Cant say thay. Eddie (my stepdad) is a pilot. And I fly the plane sometimes.
oh, lol, but you don't use your own wings :P
He owns the airplane, so technicaly its my own wing...
Do they grow out of your body? nope.
HoW dO yOu KnOW? ':) HyE hYe HyE mm
Because you alternate between caps and lowercase.
What wing?! I don't understand... '--
I'm a pony. To be exact: I'm a pegasus.
Oh now I understand :D Hope that you didn't crash too hard? ;)
lol, that was already like a month ago :P
OK! <br>
Thanks Sandro! Just watched 'Paradox'. Nice job to you too!
Thanks :D

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