Knex Shuriken





Introduction: Knex Shuriken

This is a design that my bro came up with, and i think its actually quite good. it explodes when it lands.
Oh, and this is my first instructable, so please have mercy!! :)
sorry bout the picture quality of some of the photos

Step 1: Step 1-the Pieces

these are the pieces that you will need.
in case the picture doesent load, you will need:
1 snowflake connector
4 orange/brown connectors
8 end connectors (the grey ones)

the 2 "times fours" is a typo. ignore one of them

Step 2: Step Two-the End Bits

get the four orange/brown connectors and four of the end connectors and just sorta slot them together like in the picture.
First pic is one piece from two different angles

Step 3: Step Three-the Middle Bit

get the snowflake connector and slot grey end connectors at all of the 90 degree slots

Step 4: Step Four-putting It Together

now take the four pieces you made earlier and slot them onto the remaining bits on the snowflake connector and your done!!!

Step 5: Step Five-how to Hold

place your thumb and forefinger on either side of the snowflake connector and kinda wrap the rest of your fingers around one of the bits that stick out. You dont have to hold it this way but its my bros creation and he holds it this way. Those are his uber fingers

Step 6: Step Six-throwing

just throw it any way that you want to.

Enjoy. when it hits its target, it explodes!!! yay!!!



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    not the most complex shurike n ive seen but is good fun and easy to make meaning you can make a big model but still have enough for this well done

    It can't be a typo if you wrote it. Cosider it a "Write-O"

    THE KNEX NINJA IS BORN!!! All we need now are knex nunchucks and ninja swords and we have an army of ninjas

    jollex's sword is a lot like a ninja sword and we have a surplus of nunchucks and tonfas all around instructables.

    woohoo I am the first I think that they are awesome I made them and they explode good

    please tell me what u think of it.