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So this is my newest gun. It is a great gun probably one of my favorites. This gun is a cross bewteen a smg and a assault rifle.  Its nice and compact like a smg but fire a rifle round. Although this gun doesn't have a mag, it makes up for its quick and easy reload with the breech at the top of the gun. I'm actually a little disapointed bbecause this gun had a mag, a internaly pushed roofed one, but it didn't work out. I also tried many different horizontal mag going throughout the bottom of the barrel,but failed. I came close but it kept jamming. The guns iron sights are excellent in terms of looks and accurancy. I also think the stock is really good. Here are the Pro's and Con's


 True trigger
Non-band trigger
Nicely placed trigger
Ram guide
Great irons
Great stock
Very powerful
Accuratate (up to 40ft)
Very sturdy
Well you pull the ram back, the gears on the back spin :)
Quick reload
Easy reload
Looks like a real gun (looks great)
High cap (16 rds)

1 brokon part (I'm very sorry its only a white rod)


I'm not sure if I will post this I already have a different set of instructions to do. But, I might consider. Please give positive feedback on whether you like it or not and please tell why. It helps alot and please subscribe for more great projects to come!


mettaurlover (author)2012-07-26

Post and you get a cookie.

TheRacker (author)2012-06-24

Little big and overbuilt for a singe shot don't you think? You should try to make a connector body NAR, that would be cool for a single shot gun.

didexo (author)TheRacker2012-06-25

Yes I'm going to add a mag so then it will be about right. As I said above it was difficult to add the mag I wanted. Also, I didn't understand what you ment by that second part.

TheRacker (author)didexo2012-06-27

You haven't been around long enough to know what a NAR is have you?

superbestknex (author)didexo2012-06-27

good job please post

Neon__Knight (author)2012-06-26

Please post it!

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