K'nex Sidearm Model





Introduction: K'nex Sidearm Model

About: HOLY HELL, look at me, I'm a cat ! I plan on building some kind of ball machine "soon", I just need a half term break to start as well as needing to organise all of my parts (somewhere around 7000). If so...

This is my non-shooting sidearm and I hope somebody can be bothered to make it shoot.

Step 1: Part 1: Handle and Inner Body

Follow notes = win

Step 2: Slides and Sights


Step 3: Put Some Stuff Together


Step 4: Bands and the Game

The game

Step 5: Bits and Bobs

Step 6: The End

The end result



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    I think it is supposed to be a silencer/flash hider.

    Hey, I made it, and modded it a bit (slide lock/release, mag release, less rubber bands and different trigger guard) SHould I post some photos?

    2 replies

    yea, and maybe an instruction post! sounds like you made good changes so I would like to see it :)

    Posted a long time ago

    I'm goong tp make it fire. It will be slide action :)

    Unfortunately this pistol cannot send you to your ultimate fate.

    In my outrage, I forgot to mention the gun...

    It looks good, but I don't like that many bands all over the place.

    3 replies

    Who glues their knex? You might as well glue the magazine, it doesn't do anything.

    i did it to get ride of some of the bands

    glue the slide it has no use

    Its got a million elastic bands but it doesnt even shoot?!


    btw this dus show us how to make the one on the first pic. but still thanks for posting it look awesome!!! XD

    1 reply

    5 stars for finally posting yaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!