Introduction: K'nex Sidearm Model

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This is my non-shooting sidearm and I hope somebody can be bothered to make it shoot.

Step 1: Part 1: Handle and Inner Body

Picture of Part 1: Handle and Inner Body

Follow notes = win

Step 2: Slides and Sights

Picture of Slides and Sights


Step 3: Put Some Stuff Together

Picture of Put Some Stuff Together


Step 4: Bands and the Game

Picture of Bands and the Game

The game

Step 5: Bits and Bobs

Picture of Bits and Bobs

Step 6: The End

Picture of The End

The end result


FireFighter112 (author)2013-03-08

what is the long black thing on the 3th page?

knexgeek (author)FireFighter1122015-04-09

I think it is supposed to be a silencer/flash hider.

dr. richtofen (author)2012-02-21

Hey, I made it, and modded it a bit (slide lock/release, mag release, less rubber bands and different trigger guard) SHould I post some photos?

yea, and maybe an instruction post! sounds like you made good changes so I would like to see it :)
Posted a long time ago

didexo (author)2012-05-19

I'm goong tp make it fire. It will be slide action :)

An Villain (author)2011-09-30

Unfortunately this pistol cannot send you to your ultimate fate.

knexguy (author)2010-05-24

In my outrage, I forgot to mention the gun...

It looks good, but I don't like that many bands all over the place.

rootbeer96 (author)knexguy2011-02-18

glue the slide

Who glues their knex? You might as well glue the magazine, it doesn't do anything.

i did it to get ride of some of the bands

Mr. Muggle (author)2010-05-24

Nice but I don´t like all the rubberbands.

rootbeer96 (author)Mr. Muggle2011-02-18

glue the slide it has no use

MegaMetal8 (author)2010-06-10

Its got a million elastic bands but it doesnt even shoot?!

~KGB~ (author)2010-05-24


knexguy6 (author)2010-05-24

btw this dus show us how to make the one on the first pic. but still thanks for posting it look awesome!!! XD

TwistedParadox (author)knexguy62010-05-24

dus? and no

altair ibn la ahad (author)2010-05-22

5 stars for finally posting yaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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