This is a simple version of 39shadowman's Modified Stepper Lift orginally built by Thibaultisthebest. This one is a remake of speedydog550's stepper and has instructions. Wow! What a surprise! This lift is based on the original stepper lift that was in a Knex set, except it doesn't use as much friction when the carts have to slide on rods. Instead, the carts are on small towers that are attached to axles.

HERE'S the lift IN ACTION:

Step 1: The Base

Gathered your pieces for building with the newer black/white balls? Good, let's start out with something simple. Building the bottom of the whole structure. You NEED to look at all the pictures in every step even this one to be sure of everything. Right?

Step 2: The Dispenser Holder

This is what will hold the thing that will dispense the balls one by one.

Step 3: Layer 1

The first main layer of the structure. I have a lot of close-ups for this.

Step 4: Add a Entrance Track

Simply just add a yellow path to easily load balls one by one.

Step 5: The Dispenser

This is what will dispense the balls into the first claw when it lowers.

Step 6: Layer 2

The second main layer of the structure.

Step 7: Layer 3

Really simple, right?

Step 8: The Motor Section

This is were a crankshaft is motorized to rock back and forth a see-saw thing (which is in the next step) to work the lift.

Step 9: That See-Saw Thing

This is the important part that controls the lift rocking back and forth. Refer to the video to see how the whole lift mechanism works.

Step 10: Layer 4

The fourth main layer of the whole structure. Just remember what is showed in pic.2.

Step 11: Layer 5

Just another layer to the structure. The last main layer will be built in the next step.

Step 12: Layer 6

The top of the structure where the exit track will go.

Step 13: The Blue Supports

You're gonna need these to hold the claws on the axles just like the main layers do.

Step 14: The Exit Track

This is where the balls will exit from when a ball gets pushed off of the top claw.

Step 15: Building the Steppers

Now it's time to build the stuff that'll help transfer the balls to the top.

Step 16: Attaching the Steppers

Now to attach everything you built in the previous step. Be sure to look all the pictures to see how everything is attached.

Step 17: Motor Placement

Lastly (if your using a battery-powered motor like me), you're probably gonna need to put that red battery thing somewhere so your dog doesn't have it for lunch. lol

Step 18: You're Done!

Congratulations! You now have your own simple version of a modified stepper. Now, just load some NEWER balls into the dispenser, turn the red motor switch to the right, and let the fun begin! If it doesn't work, try putting new batteries in. If it still doesn't work, I don't know what else to say for you. If you really want to use the OLDER balls and it doesn't work, just try to modify it to the best of your ability. 

If you built this, send me a picture and I'll put it on this step.

Till next time

<p>You seem to imply that the newer balls are better, but I disagree. I have experience with both and I like the older ones better mainly because they are sliightly heavier even though they are smaller. This gives them the ability to more easily trigger mechanisms. </p>
The transmission from the motor to the shaft kept hitting the shaft, but I fixed it. Wanted to upload a pic but my copmuter wouldn't let me :(
mine worked with older balls, i dont see why this wouldnt, maybe you will have to modify the ball loader, and possibly (but i dont think so) the exit track.
Nice lift. But it seems like that big wheel thing at the bottom might get in the way when you use the lift in a ball machine. Also, it seems quite jerky.
Thanks. But no, because as you see in my video, the small light green rods on the second ball claw can push back the dispenser if it accidentally stays tipped forward.
No, I mean the way the wheel thing sticks out might get in the way. I meant the small towers themselves are quite jerky.
Well that's how I saw it in speedydog550's Iron. Works fine.<br>P.S where do you live
Yeah when I first built it I tried making it smaller but because of all the pieces on the front of the tipper thing the back needed to be quite heavy so it falls back down therefore it sticks out quite a bit but it was still fine when i finished the ball machine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twRv9wLpghA&amp;feature=plcp
no problem, and by the way well done on re-creating my design with only the tiny footage in my video, really nice result
Okay. I don't want to give out specifics over the internet, but let's just say I'm moving to Texas in about a week.
Nice version of the lift! <br>It uses a lot less pieces, lol
Thanks, and I mentioned that I didn't come up with this idea.
meh, seems like i'm to tired to post, i meant that it is a nice piece-let version of shadowmans lift <br>(sorry, after midnight here, lol)
thanks, i tried to make it as least piece consuming as possible
Wow! Nice Job!

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