Someone has already made this AND put instructions. This is the exact same thing, even the pictures are the same
Where are the instructions?
Hi. I've been looking everywhere to find instructions. Can you please tell me where I can get the instructions or who made it. Thanks <br>
Hey. Does anybody know where I can get instructions for this skeeball machine or anybody else who has made it that might have instructions. Thanks <br>
Will this knex skeeball machine have instructions? Also, I'm not sure when you posted this, but do you know if it will be done soon.
Well, right now i kinda stop cause of school, and i have other stuff, but i'll try to get more pieces, and get back to work. :)
I don't see any else with insteutions
I didn't plan on instructions
Are you going to post instructions? I'm serious:P
How big will it be?

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