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Ethan1023 (author)2016-05-11


Ethan1023 (author)2016-05-11


!KnexMaster! (author)2013-08-16

Someone has already made this AND put instructions. This is the exact same thing, even the pictures are the same

Shadowman39 (author)!KnexMaster!2013-08-18

Where are the instructions?

hunter999 (author)Shadowman392014-02-01


Monkeys11 (author)!KnexMaster!2014-01-03

Hi. I've been looking everywhere to find instructions. Can you please tell me where I can get the instructions or who made it. Thanks

Monkeys11 (author)2014-01-08

Hey. Does anybody know where I can get instructions for this skeeball machine or anybody else who has made it that might have instructions. Thanks

Monkeys11 (author)2013-09-10

Will this knex skeeball machine have instructions? Also, I'm not sure when you posted this, but do you know if it will be done soon.

ktm6060 (author)Monkeys112013-09-10

Well, right now i kinda stop cause of school, and i have other stuff, but i'll try to get more pieces, and get back to work. :)

ktm6060 (author)2013-08-29

I don't see any else with insteutions

ktm6060 (author)2013-08-10

I didn't plan on instructions

knexpert#10829476 (author)2013-08-08

Are you going to post instructions? I'm serious:P

ktm6060 (author)2013-08-04


sandroknexmaster (author)2013-08-03

How big will it be?

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