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Introduction: Knex Skeeball Machine

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Hello everyone! After over a year, it's finally finished: my Knex skeeball machine! This machine is full-size, coin-operated (takes quarters), turns itself off automatically, and counts points using a mechanical counter. And, all of it is mechanical, using only normal motors to power it (no CyberKnex motors). There are six motors used in the machine; four of them are used for just the counter. The only non-Knex parts used are a few rubber bands and the paper for the counter.

The video below shows the machine in action!

This game is a lot of fun to play, for me and my family (my dad has the highest score, over 400 points). I've only scored in the 1000 point hole 2 times, and I haven't seen anyone else score that one, so it's very hard to get the ball there. Playing time for one game is about 1:30, plus how long it takes to throw eight balls. 

Note that my camera lens makes things look curved, for example the ramp in picture 7. Insides of the machine start at picture 17.

Fun fact: If one were to buy enough new Knex pieces to build this, the cost would be around $4,391. The piece category that costs the most money are the yellow connectors, which would cost $835.

I will not be making instructions of this whole machine, but I have made other models that use mechanisms from this machine. These smaller models do have instructions, so you can still build some of the mechanisms used in the skeeball machine.
  • Leave Me Alone Box uses the same motor mechanism (the one in the box is more compact than the ones used in skeeball). 
  • Coin Sorter V2 uses the same coin sorting method found in the skeeball machine.

Started building: May 24, 2011
Finished building: July 26, 2012
Width: 26 & 3/8 inches (67 cm)
Length: 85 inches (216 cm)
Height: 57 & 1/4 inches (146 cm)
Pieces: 28,396


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    No, I called the Knex company and ordered over the phone.

    Well, you should try K'nex User Group. They sell pieces at a really cheap price.

    I actually don't like that site so much, because for most pieces they just redirect to the site (I use the US/Canada site). But, I am happy with the plugin motor that I got from there.

    Oh yeah, I forgot. I used the international button coz I am in India currently, and I bought around 1100 pieces for 60 pounds. Otherwise, on K', I would have got less parts (around 900) for 120 Dollars. That totally sucks.

    Of course Ebay is the cheapest source other than garage sales (JonnyBGood bought 5000 pieces for 20 bucks), but I ain't gonna trust them.

    I wholeheartedly agree. I use my dad's business trips to the States as a source of K'nex. sells them at nearly twice the standard rates..........

    At least with garage sales you might get to see the pieces before you buy them. I had to return white rods that I got from Ebay because they were dirty and discolored. Of course the seller never mentioned any defects and provided a picture of only one of them, which looked perfect.

    They don't sell large yellow gears, newer sized knex balls, purple rollercoastertubing,purple connectors, dark blue 3d connectors and dark blue rods, that's why I buy my knex second-hand.

    AMAZING! This is so cool, I would build it if I had the money :( 30,000 pieces is a lot, probably around $10,000 worth of knex!

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    Haha, thanks! And the price would be around $4391 if buying from, though that was back in 2012.

    yeah, but back in 2001 a screamin serpent was $80 ish but now it is $150 to $300 and a son of serpent is $1,000

    Indeed, I'm pretty sure that Screamin Serpent was their most popular larger set.

    That would indeed be bad, haha.

    How does the yellow and orange section (the board) is retained?? It cannot be just one rod..