Hello everyone! After over a year, it's finally finished: my Knex skeeball machine! This machine is full-size, coin-operated (takes quarters), turns itself off automatically, and counts points using a mechanical counter. And, all of it is mechanical, using only normal motors to power it (no CyberKnex motors). There are six motors used in the machine; four of them are used for just the counter. The only non-Knex parts used are a few rubber bands and the paper for the counter.

The video below shows the machine in action!

This game is a lot of fun to play, for me and my family (my dad has the highest score, over 400 points). I've only scored in the 1000 point hole 2 times, and I haven't seen anyone else score that one, so it's very hard to get the ball there. Playing time for one game is about 1:30, plus how long it takes to throw eight balls. 

Note that my camera lens makes things look curved, for example the ramp in picture 7. Insides of the machine start at picture 17.

Fun fact: If one were to buy enough new Knex pieces to build this, the cost would be around $4,391. The piece category that costs the most money are the yellow connectors, which would cost $835.

I will not be making instructions of this whole machine, but I have made other models that use mechanisms from this machine. These smaller models do have instructions, so you can still build some of the mechanisms used in the skeeball machine.
  • Leave Me Alone Box uses the same motor mechanism (the one in the box is more compact than the ones used in skeeball). 
  • Coin Sorter V2 uses the same coin sorting method found in the skeeball machine.

Started building: May 24, 2011
Finished building: July 26, 2012
Width: 26 & 3/8 inches (67 cm)
Length: 85 inches (216 cm)
Height: 57 & 1/4 inches (146 cm)
Pieces: 28,396


Direct video link

ThijsL12 days ago

have you mayby instructions of THE coin meganisme?

Mickeyriffe3 months ago
you have too much time and money.....
Gold Chucky4 months ago

I have heard that you stopped building with K'nex. Is that true? You kind of made history... And if you are, what are you doing with all of your K'nex?

Shadowman39 (author)  Gold Chucky4 months ago

That's sort of true, I still have Citadel up but haven't built anything in a while, just haven't had enough motivation I guess.

Monkeys114 months ago
When are the instructions coming out
First off I can't think of a word great/powerful enough to describe this, secondly why have I not seen this until now, and thirdly please please please tell me your pursuing a career in engineering. If you can build something this complex with Knex imagine what you could do with custom pieces.


None of the above can describe how freakin amazing this thing is.
Shadowman39 (author)  Lucas The Boss5 months ago

Haha, thanks! I tried mechanical engineering but I didn't really like it that much, so I switched to computer science.

knexfun1017 months ago

I wish I had enough knex to build it. It is really amazing though! : )

Shadowman39 (author)  knexfun1017 months ago


Gold Chucky8 months ago

That is so cool! I have always been a fan of your creations, and this just makes me go what the heck! Your creations make mine look lame :(

Shadowman39 (author)  Gold Chucky8 months ago

Ha, thanks! Also, welcome to Instructables!

Monkeys1111 months ago

Can you please make directions. My mom loves skeeball and every time I see this I would think that it would be the best birthday gift ever . It is the coolest knex creation I have ever seen. You are a genesis. It would definitely be a lot of fun building for me and the best thing I have ever made! You should think about! I hope you do make instructions! Thanks so much!

Shadowman39 (author)  Monkeys118 months ago

I actually am thinking of making instructions now, but I'd want to redo lots of the machine to make things work better (for example, making a counter that uses one motor instead of four). But, that will probably take a while, as I have other projects that are keeping me busy at the moment.

That's amazing. I'd love to see it when you're done with making it. Keep me updated on the instructions. I hope I can make it cause that's the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Where did you get the green gears? Knex User Group?

Shadowman39 (author)  knexinventions 491 year ago

No, I called the Knex company and ordered over the phone.

Well, you should try K'nex User Group. They sell pieces at a really cheap price.

They don't sell large yellow gears, newer sized knex balls, purple rollercoastertubing,purple connectors, dark blue 3d connectors and dark blue rods, that's why I buy my knex second-hand.

Shadowman39 (author)  akshat210451 year ago

I actually don't like that site so much, because for most pieces they just redirect to the Knex.com site (I use the US/Canada site). But, I am happy with the plugin motor that I got from there.

Oh yeah, I forgot. I used the international button coz I am in India currently, and I bought around 1100 pieces for 60 pounds. Otherwise, on K'nex.com, I would have got less parts (around 900) for 120 Dollars. That totally sucks.

Of course Ebay is the cheapest source other than garage sales (JonnyBGood bought 5000 pieces for 20 bucks), but I ain't gonna trust them.

Shadowman39 (author)  akshat210451 year ago

At least with garage sales you might get to see the pieces before you buy them. I had to return white rods that I got from Ebay because they were dirty and discolored. Of course the seller never mentioned any defects and provided a picture of only one of them, which looked perfect.

thijs19021 year ago

i am bizzy wich a micro version of this skeeball machine

Shadowman39 (author)  thijs19021 year ago


thijs19021 year ago

i have a document

with this name:

knex skeeball machine by this cool guy that I appreciate

Shadowman39 (author)  thijs19021 year ago

Haha, thanks :-P

thijs19021 year ago

have you any instructions of the gears

Shadowman39 (author)  thijs19021 year ago

No, sorry. :-(

thijs19021 year ago

I understand not only how the gears work the rest is

thijs19021 year ago

how many engines are in it and I think you are the best with knex

Shadowman39 (author)  thijs19021 year ago

There are 6 motors. Thanks!

Monkeys111 year ago

I really want instructions!

Can you make a mini on with instructions

I doubt shadow will. He is currently building a ball machine: Citadel.

You2131 year ago
This is crazy awesome and takes dedication and engineering skills GOOD JOB!!!!
Shadowman39 (author)  You2131 year ago

Thanks! :-)

Were You Buy Your Knex Please Tell Me
Shadowman39 (author)  EliteKnex1011 year ago

I buy them from Ebay.

Shadowman39 (author)  EliteKnex1011 year ago


He made a Skeeball machine just like yours. Compare the avatars

Derp! :-)

Shadowman39 (author)  hunter9991 year ago

Haha, that avatar does look pretty familiar. :-P

We're u but ur knex from and nice job!
Shadowman39 (author)  EliteKnex1011 year ago


Your My Biggest fan, I have a big ball track but your just amazing! I love how you thing and work can u put more easy tuts 4 ball tracks and were do u buy all your knex please respond back
Shadowman39 (author)  supercolt441 year ago

Ha, thanks! As for more instructions, I won't have any posted until Citadel is apart, and I plan to finish it in the summer (I'm going to post a guide to the elements and Ibles for the lifts). I buy my Knex from Ebay.

Monkeys111 year ago
Do you know where I can get instructions or anyone else who built it that might have instructions. Thanks
Shadowman39 (author)  Monkeys111 year ago
I don't know of any instructions anywhere, sorry.
Can you post how to make the coin mechanism? I'm making a ball machine.
Shadowman39 (author)  knexinventions 491 year ago
Yeah, that will eventually be posted, but I'm not sure when yet. The only place that there are pictures of it are in this comment section.
fries1231 year ago
Great job dude. Now it will take me the rest of my life to stock up and think how the heck you are so good...
Shadowman39 (author)  fries1231 year ago
Lol, thanks!
parshan1 year ago
Shadowman39 (author)  parshan1 year ago
Ha, if that's a compliment then thanks! :-P
Depends on if I fall on it
Shadowman39 (author)  parshan1 year ago
Lol, that would hurt badly.
ehhdean1 year ago
By far the most impressive thing I've seen all day. I like the mechanical counter. Keep up the good work.
Shadowman39 (author)  ehhdean1 year ago
Thank you!
www1392 years ago
Shadowman39 (author)  www1392 years ago
Shadowman39 (author)  Randomguy651 year ago
Lol, almost a year late. Glad to see you on Ibles. :-)
yup! :p
yyyyyyyooooooooouuuuuuuuu'rrrrrrrreeeeeee wwwwweeeelllllcccccooooommmmmeeeee
Sorunome1 year ago
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome1 year ago
I just changed that. :-)
nuuuuuu :(
Jackomatee1 year ago
you will need:
approximately OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!! knex for this project
Shadowman39 (author)  Jackomatee1 year ago
Yup :-P
Monkeys111 year ago
Is it possible that you have some more pictures of the inside so I can try to build it and have a bigger chance. It's amazing and I really want to be able to show my family I can do this.
Shadowman39 (author)  Monkeys111 year ago
I might have some more, but right now I don't have access to my home computer where the pictures are stored, and I may not have access to it until the beginning of October. Sorry :-( You probably don't need to build everything exact to get it to work though.
This thing is pretty cool. How much time was spent on the automation in relation to the time spent on the whole machine ?
Shadowman39 (author)  koolcoasterkid1 year ago
Thanks, time spent on the mechanisms lasted for a while, over half of the whole construction.
thefriz931 year ago
hey do you have actual steps on how you built this me and my buddy think this is the coolest thing ever and would love to build this.
Shadowman39 (author)  thefriz931 year ago
Thanks for the compliment, but unfortunately I don't have instructions for this. Sorry!
Do you plan on making some?
Shadowman39 (author)  thefriz931 year ago
No, since I took it apart a while ago. Also, I don't have much time to do anything (I haven't built Knex in 2 months).
Sorunome2 years ago
So, on step 5, pic 4542 is that a green rod?

And guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
No, that's a brown rod. But, I'm guessing you're back in Germany. :-) I'm expecting that ball machine to be finished soon. ;-)
Oh dang it, I ran out of brown rods >.<

And yeah, I'm back in germany!!
im having trouble on step 8, pic 6735 D: is that another red gear?
No, it's a green gear.
Oh. I don't have 1 more. I will go on ebay and order a few more right now.
ok, i just failed
i just thought this was a serious discussion
but you know the green gears exist, right?
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
They do? I only thought brown rods existed.
well, i meant the green gears that space a green rod :P
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
Oh, right. *Goes to 3D printer and makes brown rods*
do they also smell like poop?
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
They can if you want them to. :-D They would be good for making realistic-colored wooden roller coasters.
But then you also need brown connectors!
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
And brown track! (Unless it's a steel-wood hybrid)
and then make it look like a pile of poop
/me hides
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
I'll let you build that project. :-)
also a dog sitting over it, right?
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
It's your choice, since you'll be building it.
then i'll put a shadowman over it :P
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
And then make it into a ball machine.
a pooping ball machine? O.O
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
It would be something new at least. You can use the brown balls!
brown balls that'll go in the mouth of the shadowman and out of hte butt of it?
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
If you insist.
that would be funny :P
And then i'll make misty, toby and shadow nom the brown balls that come out of shadowmans but
/me hides
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
Lol, this is getting gross. Not that it wasn't already. :-P
lol :P
and then the cats do all what misty did today :P
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
You'll have to buy more!
With a ball machine?
who knows? ;) (i guess everyone does :P)
Haha, ok.. :D
Kudos, not even gonna attempt that, you are truly a genius, don't stop making knex creations you definitely know what you are doing.
Shadowman39 (author)  Lone Predator2 years ago
Thanks! I have lots of more ideas so I plan to make more. :-) Now, whether I'll have the time or not is the question.
cheto18072 years ago
Ugh the counter is the only confusing part. Please make an instructable on it soon. I have no idea how to make it and I've been trying to substitute it, but none of them work. I don't know what to do. Please help.
Shadowman39 (author)  cheto18072 years ago
Unfortunately I don't have much pictures of the counter, and I don't have much time for rebuilding it because I'm going to college soon. Sorry :-(
cheto18072 years ago
I looked at the leave me alone box but the shutoff arm turns it off. So how does it turn off in the skeeball machine? is there an arm in there too?
Shadowman39 (author)  cheto18072 years ago
The skeeball machine uses something that rotates to push the switch back.
cheto18072 years ago
Okay got it. I'm gonna try to make one of my own. Wish me luck.
Shadowman39 (author)  cheto18072 years ago
Cool, have fun building!
cheto18072 years ago
Sorry if i'm bugging you but i cant really think of any more questions. I'll try to make this my last one: what makes the counter go back to zero after every game?
Shadowman39 (author)  cheto18072 years ago
Your hands. :-P I never built an auto-reset into it, there wasn't enough room. So it's just a manual reset.
cheto18072 years ago
Or did you already take it apart and that's an old picture?
Shadowman39 (author)  cheto18072 years ago
Yeah that's an old picture.
cheto18072 years ago
Is there any chance you could take off the three grey connectors on one hinge cuz they're kinda in the way.
cheto18072 years ago
ok i have (hopefully) one more question: how do you make the ten spoke wheel?
Shadowman39 (author)  cheto18072 years ago
It's made using ten sides connected with hinges, and the center is attached with blue rods and some micro piece stuff.
cheto18072 years ago
so when you push the activate gear/button thing, it pushes thee quarter which pushes the lever which starts up the motor and the machine?
Shadowman39 (author)  cheto18072 years ago
cheto18072 years ago
i get how it only accepts quarters but how come it only works when you put a quarter in? why doesn't it work with no quarter? if you could show/tell me, that'd be greatly appreciated.
Shadowman39 (author)  cheto18072 years ago
There's a lever above the quarter that gets pushed when the quarter slides past it, and the button the you have to push makes the quarter slide through. The movement of the lever switches a motor on, which starts up the whole machine. Below are some pictures showing the lever (usually it's vertical, but in these pictures it's tilted). The part made out of black connectors is the track for the quarter.
cheto18072 years ago
An 'ible on the whole thing would be tons better but that seems kinda close to impossible. If there is an 'ible on this where is it?
Shadowman39 (author)  cheto18072 years ago
There is no Ible of the whole machine, since it would be very hard to make.
cheto18072 years ago
Is there any chance you could post an 'ible on how to make the counter? Or at least the coin mechanism? If you can, thnx.
Shadowman39 (author)  cheto18072 years ago
I will eventually post instructions of those things, and they might be parts for other small projects. For example, my leave me alone box uses the motor switch mechanism (which is the main thing that makes the skeeball machine work), and my coin sorter version 2 uses the sorting system that makes it refund coins other than quarters. I would like to try making a smaller counter though, so if I do I'll make instructions of that.
Zachary48012 years ago
Now build it out of Legos! :D JK that would be crazy! Good job though! That is the coolest!
Shadowman39 (author)  Zachary48012 years ago
I wonder how expensive that would be. :-P Thanks!
To much! Way to much... ;)
Monkeys112 years ago
It's fine. Do you know another really cool knex build that would be good to build?something that I can actually use. Do you know anybody else that has built something like this that would have instructions
Shadowman39 (author)  Monkeys112 years ago
There are many large projects like this on Instructables, but something this big probably won't have instructions. There are plenty of smaller models on Instructables that have instructions (do a search up top).
Monkeys112 years ago
Is there anywhere i can get instructions for this? I am going into seventh grade and love to build with knex. I don't know what to build next. I have a lot of pieces and want to buy more so I can build this. I really want to impress my family and friends with what I build next and when I saw it I knew this was it. My family loves to play skeeball so it would be so cool if I could build this. It would make me so happy. I was so disappointed when I saw there was no instructions. Then I saw that someone posted asking a question about a step. Where did he get the instructions from. I really want to build this. Please give me the instructions. I love it and thnk it is awesome. Really nice job and hope I can get those instructions.
Shadowman39 (author)  Monkeys112 years ago
Unfortunately I never made instructions of this build. I do have some deconstruction pictures, but those wouldn't be enough for full instructions (plus I never got pictures of the counter). And Sorunome was just kidding about the step thing. Sorry about not having any instructions.
013FREAK2 years ago
maybe you can send an email to my add with pictures and explain how these counters work because I have been looking for years and finally I found this but no explanation :( I hope you would do that for my then I can very very grateful my email is: ralphstoop@hotmail.com
This is absolutely amazing. I cannot imagine your thought process. Finding a job that needs done and then creating the system that does that job. Except doing that 1000 fold. I salute you, sir.
Thank you!
hockeyking2 years ago
How do u afford all those pieces and it does not even look like u have a life and I watch your video on YouTube : nice job
Shadowman39 (author)  hockeyking2 years ago
You don't have a life either, since your age is 0. ;-) But thanks for the nice part of that comment, lol.
jmiester2 years ago
And I thought I had a lot of k'nex... wow. @__@
All I can say is wow and how.
Awesome! If I got so much K'nex.......... XD
Shadowman39 (author)  dickheijboer2 years ago
Haha, thanks!
crackman2 years ago
After watching the video a million times, I still dont understand how this is possible. It is just truly amazing.
www139 crackman2 years ago
I know right?!
Super cool!
Shadowman39 (author)  crackman2 years ago
where do you get those green gears?
Shadowman39 (author)  knexgunfreak7812 years ago
I purchased them from the Knex company over the phone.
dragon#12 years ago
POST IT BRO. i wanna build it!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSE!!!!!!
you're not the only one who wants to build him, i want it also.
Lol many of us do
nm284312 years ago
Amazing machine!
Shadowman39 (author)  nm284312 years ago
pushpin6372 years ago
Can u please just show a few pictures on how to make a 10-spoke wheel. An easy version, nothing hard. I really really really want help!!!! Pleeeeeaaaassssseeeed!!!!
Shadowman39 (author)  pushpin6372 years ago
I do have a picture of a wheel, but the image uploader won't work for me. :-(
knexerr2 years ago
I want to learn how to build it:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
djer114 knexerr2 years ago
Me to, i got more than 50.000 pieces
how many pieces were there?
Shadowman39 (author)  maliquimoore20012 years ago
Knex.X2 years ago
Why do I keep coming back here saying this is so friggin' awesome! I dunno, oh well, anyways, it's AWESOME
Shadowman39 (author)  Knex.X2 years ago
Thanks! :-P
cinnes12 years ago
Could you please take good pics of most of the parts so we may have a chance of makin it?
knexerr2 years ago
yes, i want that two:D
nickcube42 years ago
OK. Now teach me how to build it.
Shadowman39 (author)  nickcube42 years ago
Good one. ;-)
chipalip1002 years ago
how do you make the coin part
hawk452 years ago
how much did this cost you?
Shadowman39 (author)  hawk452 years ago
I spent around 200 dollars buying the pieces that I needed more of (like yellow connectors and white rods). As for the other ones, I have no idea. :-P
boom man562 years ago
Shadowman39 (author)  boom man562 years ago
The activation system is really cool. How did you make it?
Shadowman39 (author)  Orangeprofessor2 years ago
Thanks, first I built the coin section, and then I put the motor in. After that the gate was built into it.
How did you make the motor switch on when the machine was activated with a quarter? Again very interesting.
Shadowman39 (author)  Orangeprofessor2 years ago
There's a lever above the quarter, and when the quarter is pushed by the button, the lever flips up and turns on the motor.
How did you make the motor switch on when the machine was activated with a quarter? Again very interesting.
its ok are you working on any other big projects
Shadowman39 (author)  lavagod135792 years ago
Yes, a ball machine.
Are you considering putting instructions somewhere online of this machine, because any Knex fan would marvel at it?
Shadowman39 (author)  lavagod135792 years ago
Though I took pictures of it while demolishing it, those aren't enough to provide good instructions. So no, sorry. :-(
cooljupjup2 years ago
MY GADDOO how many pieces you got?!!!
Shadowman39 (author)  cooljupjup2 years ago
I have 30,000 to 40,000 pieces.
Howd you come up with the whole thing??
Shadowman39 (author)  shatteredwire2 years ago
I looked at pictures of real skeeball machines to get the frame built, and thought up the mechanisms as I built them.
www1392 years ago
I don't even have that many pieces!
REALLY COOL!!!!!                                                     

Shadowman39 (author)  www1392 years ago
your welcome
I don't know why it took up half the page though.
Shadowman39 (author)  www1392 years ago
Yeah, that's annoying. :-(
Actually, what took the longest time to build: the mechanism or the covering?
Shadowman39 (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
The mechanisms took longer to build, but the covering still took several weeks.
Cool. Are you still going to make instructions for the counter/coin mechanism?
Shadowman39 (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
No, I abandoned that idea when I was taking it apart. With the counter, I thought of a different way of building it that might have made it better, so I would rather post that version of the counter anyway.
Hi SHadowman39. Any update on whether you'll post the instructions for the improved version of the counter/coin mechanism?
Shadowman39 (author)  Gorkom2 years ago
I'm not going to post instructions any time soon, since I'm building something else right now.
Hi SHadowman39. Any update on whether you'll post the instructions for the improved version of the counter/coin mechanism?
www1392 years ago
HOW did you design this??????
(like with computer software? i haven't seen any for k'nex)

ooooohhhhh!! I just saw you're working on a ball machine!
you know what you could do is make it so that you push a button(just like on this, very good by the way) and it'll turn on however many motors you use. Then when you're done playing with it, just push it again and it'll turn off!
Shadowman39 (author)  www1392 years ago
I designed all of this in my head as I went along. And, about the ball machine, there will be a button, on the multi-plug adapter thing (I don't know what exactly they're called). I would like to power everything with plug-in motors.
OOOHHH...... I think I know what you're talking about!!
power strips!!!

oh I was saying maybe you could put the button on the actual structure,like on this,and,well,you know. You built it!
OZKNEX222 years ago
you have so many pieces, the best knex thing on the site.i was wondering what is your next project
Shadowman39 (author)  OZKNEX222 years ago
Thanks, right now I'm preparing to build a ball machine (leveling out the floor).
ryry20112 years ago
Shadowman39 (author)  ryry20112 years ago
nfk112 years ago
so awesome!
Shadowman39 (author)  nfk112 years ago
ur welcome
so freaking awesome!!!!!
Shadowman39 (author)  cobramaster2052 years ago
LvNo10002 years ago
:O Wow, I looked at that thing and I thought: ****! How did he make that? :D That is amazing! -totally amazing!
Shadowman39 (author)  LvNo10002 years ago
teamgenez2 years ago
Do the quarters get refunded?
Shadowman39 (author)  teamgenez2 years ago
No, they go into the machine and are piled up at the bottom.
anres3212 years ago
Dude, I have seen your machine on Vsauce!!
Shadowman39 (author)  anres3212 years ago
That's awesome! :-D
Did they ask permission? Or did they just take some parts from the video?
Shadowman39 (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
They didn't contact me at all, I never even knew it was featured until a couple months afterwards. It's fine though, since they gave me credit in the video.
I wish my ball machine was also featured in that video :)
DJ Radio2 years ago
How did I miss this? My jaw dropped when I saw the thumbnail. Why do you have to be so rich :((((((
Shadowman39 (author)  DJ Radio2 years ago
Thanks haha. I'm really not rich, if I were I'd live in a 3-story house. It's good to see you're still around, I thought you went inactive.
I kind of am inactive, just on this site though. I moved to Youtube because my interests have changed. The things I do are things that really wouldn't fit into instructables. It's the same account I've had since 2008. I do like to stop by this site from time to time and look and see what's new though.
HAH! Its funny cause you live in a old, beat up, 2 story with cracks in the roof. :)

But you also live in a tornado zone...... O_o
Shadowman39 (author)  Randomguy652 years ago
I don't really know if there are cracks on the roof. The Tornado zone is somewhere in Australia...
Ah, puns.

soccer91122 years ago
shadowman your awesome you answer like every question like some people don't that skee ball machine is awesomest thing i have ever seen
Shadowman39 (author)  soccer91122 years ago
now that, is cool!
Shadowman39 (author)  daredevil4992 years ago
dozer7892 years ago
Amazing, Great job. 5/5 Stars!!
Shadowman39 (author)  dozer7892 years ago
this is like the best knex thing i have ever seen!
Shadowman39 (author)  maliquimoore20012 years ago
www1392 years ago
www1392 years ago
maybe a motorized plane?

www1392 years ago
what are you making next?
www1392 years ago
how did you build the counter? REALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!

I'm English, so what coin would I have to use? I don't know how big a quater is.
Shadowman39 (author)  Endermanman72 years ago
A quarter's diameter is 24.26 mm.
gunner532 years ago
THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!:) I WISH I COULD BUILD THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadowman39 (author)  gunner532 years ago
What?! This guy was a finalist? It isn't an instructable though!
Knex.X2 years ago
I just died because of an overdose of awesomeness.
Shadowman39 (author)  Knex.X2 years ago
Thanks :-P
I am so jealous!!
Shadowman39 (author)  colton blake2 years ago
cool knex132 years ago

Shadowman39 (author)  cool knex132 years ago
Thanks! And that's a very nice avatar you have there.... :-)
JonnyBGood2 years ago
Really, really, really awesome!!

Just out of curiosity how many knex moters did you use?
Shadowman39 (author)  JonnyBGood2 years ago
Thanks! There are six motors in total.
Thanks! And one more thing if you don't mind... I was wanting to build an arcade machine of my own, not a skeeball machine, but a different machine. In your scoreboard system does it work by:

The ball triggering a weight device which turns on a motor which turns the score board one turn. As it turns it also turns the chain which turns off the motor so it only goes one turn.

Shadowman39 (author)  JonnyBGood2 years ago
Right. :-)
Sweet! I plan to start my arcade machine after the Halloween season. I can't wait now.
CrLz2 years ago
Shadowman39 (author)  CrLz2 years ago
KneXtreme2 years ago
Congrats on being a finalist in the laser contest.
Shadowman39 (author)  KneXtreme2 years ago
Thanks! :-)
Where did you get the green gears?
Shadowman39 (author)  knexpert#108294762 years ago
I ordered them from Knex over the phone.
I thought Knex didn't sell the green gears any more?
Shadowman39 (author)  KneXtreme2 years ago
I don't know if they still do, I got mine years ago.
damn that is awesome
Shadowman39 (author)  chaosbuilder2442 years ago
no prob bro if you have a chance look at my 1st post
You play Terraria :D? You should play with me :P
That's what she said.
Shadowman39 (author)  Senior Waffleman3 years ago
Haha :-P
Shadowman39 (author)  PotatoCoffee3 years ago
Me neither. :-P Thanks!
Seriously, it's amazing! How did you get that much knex?
Shadowman39 (author)  PotatoCoffee3 years ago
I've been slowly buying them over the years, since I was around 7 years old.
Ha, I've only got 379 pieces!
I don't think I can count my pieces any more.
Ha ha. That was funny, right?
He, he. It was :o)
Oh good. (That was awkward.)
tytiger333 years ago
Must..Steal..Skeeball machine!
But yeah this is so cool. I wish I had the pieces and patience to make this type of stuff. All I can do is make the original Knex heavy cannon. And even then I only keep it around for 2 days.
Shadowman39 (author)  tytiger333 years ago
Thanks haha
You should pitch this idea to knex as a set. I can see it on the news.
Knex releases their first $10000 set. More on this at 8.
knex wouldn't do it, too piece heavy. And besides that almost noone would buy it is to expencive, the instructions would be so complicated that everyone who's able to follow 'em would rather build there own one, sorry :P
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
Instruction booklets are super easy to follow. :-P But yeah, I don't think the Knex company would make this a set since it's too big.
Yeah, knex company is turning stupid :P
Any schematics
Shadowman39 (author)  Orangeprofessor3 years ago
poil873 years ago
so amazing wish i could make one.
Shadowman39 (author)  poil873 years ago
hay if you guys like guns look at mine
Sharir17013 years ago
wow ! it might actually be cheaper to buy an actual skeeball machine rather than buy the parts for this. fantastic job, man !
Shadowman39 (author)  Sharir17013 years ago
Thanks! I don't know how much real skeeball machines are, but I do know that it would be expensive to buy these pieces. :-P
Hell, I would buy the pieces for the chance to build this great piece of engineering. Amazing how you figured out solutions for every single mechanism that we would see in a real machine. In my opinion this is what they should be using at the arcades!
Shadowman39 (author)  Kinetic3 years ago
Thanks! It would be pretty cool if skeeball machines were mechanical instead of electronic.
That would be to expencive for the production of skeeball machines
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
Oh well, you have to admit they would be more interesting if they were mechanical.
Yeah, it would be A LOT more interesting
could you get some more in detail pictures of the score wheels? i'd like to see how you made it have 10 sides.
Shadowman39 (author)  Sharir17013 years ago
Yes, when I take it apart I'm going to make a video explaining how it works in more detail and show close-ups of the mechanics.
so expect it in 10 years
/me runs
Sorunome3 years ago
Mhmm, is it still working?
Coz sometimes stuff just happen to stop working after some time ^^
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
I don't know, I haven't played it in a while. :-P I'm going to take it apart soon though.
haha, be sure to tell me if it is still working :P
Fr-Pa-Co3 years ago
How does it turn itself off?
Shadowman39 (author)  Fr-Pa-Co3 years ago
A black motor turns the green motor and itself off.
Elap3 years ago
Yes, absolutely superb.

Given that K'Nex is based on 45° angles, how have you achieved the equiangular 10-faced reels?

You'll have a great future in mechanical engineering.

All the best
Shadowman39 (author)  Elap3 years ago
Thanks! :-)

The edges of the wheels are ten sections that have flexible hinges. There are ball-joint pieces that keep the circular shape (those can be seen at 2:41 in the video or the video thumbnail). Getting the center is the hard part; it is connected to four of the ten sides, and two of them use micro pieces. The other two just use blue rods, so the wheels are a red rod wide.
Ah... Very clever - thank you. I had just got round to the idea that you had used some kind of hinge when you replied. Although I have found Micro K'Nex very useful at times, I hadn't twigged that it would be useful here.

Mechanical Engineering need innovative people like you!
jdoggkuhn3 years ago
how much knex is in that
jdoggkuhn3 years ago
jdoggkuhn3 years ago
can i have
rexdino53 years ago
This brings knex to the next level! Its excellent. I'm a junior trying to study engineering etc but this... this... I could never think of this. This is pure genius. This is awesome.

This is the best knex project I've seen in my LIFE.
Shadowman39 (author)  rexdino53 years ago
AUG-5OM33 years ago
I can't find one word to describe the awesomeness of this creation, you definately got my vote. It's just perfect.
Shadowman39 (author)  AUG-5OM33 years ago
Thanks! :-)
1256903 years ago
would you sell it!!!
Shadowman39 (author)  1256903 years ago
No :-P
In all seriousness, why take apart something that I'm sure plenty of people out there would enjoy so much? I would LOVE to have something like this in my home if only I could afford it. This machine deserves to be appreciated, not destroyed!!!
Shadowman39 (author)  NoPantsJim3 years ago
I decided I'm going to leave it together for a longer time. :-)
I Give you $10000
on the thumbnail i was like... "eh, its probably going to be small... like the size of a laptop... then i clicked on it..." thats when i had to go to the hospital so they could put my jaw back in place!
Shadowman39 (author)  papercrafter4083 years ago
Hehe, thanks!
Where the heck do you get all of these parts???!!!
Shadowman39 (author)  knexpert17003 years ago
Ebay :-P
Ps2playa3 years ago
I would really like it if you would make an instructable of every part that deals with a gear. I think that everyone else can get the rest of the body down.
Shadowman39 (author)  Ps2playa3 years ago
I might, but I'm going to leave it together for longer than I expected, so the instructions may not come for a while.
could you possbily do a tutorial on the counter ?
over nine thousand stars!
Shadowman39 (author)  Fulffy_Walrus3 years ago
Yeah, I'm going to make an Ible of the coin mech and counter.
jameshond3 years ago
this is awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadowman39 (author)  jameshond3 years ago
I honestly can't show how amazed I am by this! This is the reason I'm still here! Thank you!
Shadowman39 (author)  Killer~SafeCracker3 years ago
Thanks man!
So you say this will be the last thing you post for a while.. how come?
Shadowman39 (author)  Killer~SafeCracker3 years ago
I'm not going to start any big project that will take a year to build because I'm going to college next year. But, I will be making smaller things.
OK well I'm glad to hear your not leaving for good. Are you going for any type of engineering degree?
Shadowman39 (author)  Killer~SafeCracker3 years ago
Yes, mechanical engineering.
I should of known!
Shadowman39 (author)  Killer~SafeCracker3 years ago
Haha :-P
wicked. that's a lot of k'nex. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, and the Oscar goes to ... shadowman39 for the coolest k'nex creation in the wold. clap clap clap clap clap clap.
Shadowman39 (author)  slaveboy20003 years ago
hey shadowman could you post how to make the coin part
Yes, I'm going to do that after I take it apart.
rathemighty3 years ago
I......I'm.......intimidated by this. Fantastic job, dude 0_0
Shadowman39 (author)  rathemighty3 years ago
You're welcome. Gee, I'd love to build this, but I don't have all the pieces O_O. How much do you suppose it would cost to buy all the pieces for this?
Shadowman39 (author)  rathemighty3 years ago
I'll find out the exact price after I count them. :-) I'm not good at estimating, but the price would be over $1000 at least.
Tornado963 years ago
Wow... about a week and a half without being able to talk and you get this much done! Incredible!!!! It would be awesome if while you were taking it down you removed the ramp so we can see a birds eye view of the mechanics. Looking forward to the instructable! It's gonna be a lotta steps! :-D
Shadowman39 (author)  Tornado963 years ago
Thanks Tornado! I am going to take the ramp and rest of the paneling off first while taking it apart, so I'll be able to do that. And what do you mean by Instructable? :-P

No need to keep it a secret man! Everyone should know! Have fun taking the pictures of all the motor switches! And the ramp building... that'll be a pain~
Shadowman39 (author)  Tornado963 years ago
So you're really saying I should make an Ible of the whole thing...
He is hinting at it, though, that will take maybe longer than the time you took to actually bulid it....
crestind3 years ago
Incredible! Very impressed by the counter and the auto shuttdown. So I'm guessing once the coin is inserted, it opens a lock that allows the button to be pushed? In which case, what does the button do? Also, 1:36 the slow rotating arm, is that a timing switch of some sort?
Shadowman39 (author)  crestind3 years ago
Thanks! The button can be pushed without the coin, but nothing happens. With the coin in, it pushes a small lever above the coin. The rotating arm is connected to the gate. It makes the gate either up or down, not in between (because of the weight of the wheels).
This is certainly the best thing here I've seen in a while! Amazing job on this! Definatly 5* (wish it could go higher) and a favorite!
Shadowman39 (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
Thanks! :-)
No problem =D I bet this uses more than 50 times the pieces I have, 1 row of the ''table part'' uses probably all my yellows :( So I can't build it if you'd post it.
Shadowman39 (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
I had to buy 1000 yellows to finish that part, it uses almost 2000 of them.
Thats a lot! I had barely enough to make the Z35 by Oblivitus...
I barely had enough to make the Z35 by Oblivitus.
Ok, thanks for correcting me :P
Oh no, I wasn't correcting your grammar, I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out. I meant literally what I said, lol.
Oh, ok lol
Shadowman39 (author)  Oblivitus3 years ago
lol :)
Incredible! That is amazing! You are amazing! You know so many things in order to get this contraption to work. 5* defiantly! :)
Shadowman39 (author)  Blue Mullet 23 years ago
Thanks! :-)
Jayefuu3 years ago
How much is all of that knex worth?
Shadowman39 (author)  Jayefuu3 years ago
I don't know, but I spent about $200 just to get extra pieces from Ebay. After I count the pieces, I'll be able to see how much it would cost to build the whole thing.
First I saw the pictures and I tought: wow so much knex!

Then I read the description: cool it's full-auto and you worked only 14 months on this...

Then I watched the video: no comment, I could only stare like this °o°

Then I rated 5* and vote for it in the contest.

You are incredible!
Shadowman39 (author)  sandroknexmaster3 years ago
Thanks! I thought 14 months is a long time though. :-P
It took Michelangelo 4 years to paint the Sistine Chapel. It didn't make his any less awesome either.

I wouldn't be genious enough to build that incredible machine so 14 months isn't long ;p

BTW are you going to make instructions for this machine?
Shadowman39 (author)  sandroknexmaster3 years ago
I'm going to make instructions of the coin mechanism, but not the whole machine.
Ok that sounds cool!

But can you make instructions of that counter thing?
I realy like it.

Oh and where can I vote for it?
Shadowman39 (author)  sandroknexmaster3 years ago
I might make instructions for the counter. It hasn't been accepted into the contest yet, but you'll be able to vote when it gets accepted. :-)
Please make instructions of the counter, it's so cool!
Oblivitus3 years ago
Shadowman39 (author)  patriots88883 years ago
sathothy3 years ago
Wow thats epic! It must be a pain for you too take it all down...
Shadowman39 (author)  sathothy3 years ago
Taking apart is still fun though (for me anyway). Thanks!
KGuy3 years ago
This is absolutely amazing. I wish I had that much knex :P.

Good Job!
Shadowman39 (author)  KGuy3 years ago
i'm with every one else on this, this is amazing. very curious to know the parts count! (and dollar figure)
Shadowman39 (author)  desertsniper3 years ago
Thanks, I'm curious about the parts count too. That's my motivation to count thousands of pieces. :-)
Shadowman39 (author)  Shadowman393 years ago
Aww, the smiley was cut off. >:-(
if i was rich i would buy this thing off of you! It really is a work of art and the best knex project i have seen.
it would be awesome it it came as a set form the knex store
Shadowman39 (author)  knexinventer3 years ago
After I count the pieces, I'll be able to see how expensive it would be haha.
id buy it :)
Sorunome3 years ago
Again, truly amazing! :D

"This game is a lot of fun to play"
D: I lost the game D:
Shadowman39 (author)  Sorunome3 years ago
I put that in there so you would lose the game. :-)
Haha, lol :P
rrkrose3 years ago
Wow! This amazing! How long did it take to make?
Shadowman39 (author)  rrkrose3 years ago
Thanks, it took 14 months to build.
Wow! It turned out really well though!
instruct393 years ago
this is so epic! definitely the best thing since sliced bread! haha, i so wish i had the parts to build this. you must be the coolest kid on the block now with his very own skeeball machine! very good job
Shadowman39 (author)  instruct393 years ago
Thanks, it's fun to have a functioning skeeball machine in my room. :-P
amazing you should get an award for this
Shadowman39 (author)  knexinventer3 years ago
Vegeta what does the scouter say about the awesomeness of this creation


Shadowman39 (author)  Orangeprofessor3 years ago
Fr-Pa-Co3 years ago
This is the best K'nex thing on the entire planet EVER!! I mean you only took 14 months? Utterly brilliant yet again
Shadowman39 (author)  Fr-Pa-Co3 years ago
Thanks! :-)
I can't even fathom how amazing this machine is! My mouth was hanging open in amazement the whole entire time!
Shadowman39 (author)  Captain Skully3 years ago
I tend to avoid Knex 'Ibles, but this is impressive. Excellent job!
Shadowman39 (author)  plane phanatic3 years ago
WYE_Lance3 years ago
This should be in every Instructables newsletter for the next month. Just woah...
Shadowman39 (author)  WYE_Lance3 years ago
most epic thing i ever saw
Shadowman39 (author)  knexingguy1933 years ago
Kiteman3 years ago
I hereby officially withdraw all past negative comments I have made about K'NEX!

Shadowman39 (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
Haha :-)
Jayefuu Kiteman3 years ago
Including all guns? Wow. Praise indeed.
Randomguy653 years ago
I knew about this project before any of y'all. :) (Skype is a wonderful thing.)

Amazing job, better than anything you've done before, even Catawhateverlysm. :P LOL

Just one thing Shadow, is there a coin collector? And is it locked? Or do the coins just fall through?
Shadowman39 (author)  Randomguy653 years ago
Thanks, the coins just pile up at the bottom, there's no locking compartment.
Jayefuu3 years ago

Hats off.
Shadowman39 (author)  Jayefuu3 years ago
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 STARS
Shadowman39 (author)  TheAwesomestDude3 years ago
Jag563 years ago
Post it pleease post!
Last major project for a while? Awwwww.... :-(
Yes, but I will continue building smaller things. :-)
Yay!!! :-D
Oh my god... This is probably the best thing i've seen in forever. Great work man. :)
Shadowman39 (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
KneXtreme3 years ago
Here is a list of the things I did when I saw this thing.
  1. Stared at it in shock and amazement.
  2. hit the favorite button 
  3. rated it 5*s
  4. And once the vote button pops up I'll definitely vote for it.
I like the fact that it is coin operated. I was wondering if you could post some pictures (or instructions) of the coin mechanism so that I could try to rebuild it? Great job as always.
Shadowman39 (author)  KneXtreme3 years ago
Thanks! I am planning on making an Ible of the coin mechanism. Unfortunately, this slideshow is stuck in the filters. :-(
WOW!!!!!!!!! I have nowhere near enough pieces for that (Phooey!) Great job, I can only imagine how hard it was to get all of the insides of the machine to work right. Another fabulous job, Shadowman39!
White person: nice!
Asian person: Nice... now reserve engineer it! :D
I just crapped myself O-O This is amazing!!!
Shadowman39 (author)  Senior Waffleman3 years ago