Picture of Knex Slide Action Pistol
A long time ago In a distant bedroom, far, far away I made a slide action pistol but I had a problem with the slide falling off, and then one night I got a huge load of knex, I found the original magazine and then VOILA! this was born.
It is a slide action gun meaning that you pull the slide backwards to cock the firing pin and then the slide returns to its place. The handle is also the magazine to make it more ergonomically friendly. However this and the barrel being wider than each rod does mean that unfortunately it is prone to jamming.

Step 1: Slide

1. Make two of these; the connectors have to face the same way as in the picture.
2. Also make 2.
3. You will only need one of these sections as it goes in the centre.

4&5. Now to assemble it, take 5 blue rods and slide them through the holes in the connectors.(note the directions of the connectors. Then slip 10 blue spacers on the ends of the rods.
6&7. Clip the two panels on the blue rods as shown.

8. Make 2 of these.
9. Clip the rods onto the black hand connectors.

10. Make 1 of these.
11. Make 1 of these too.
12&13. Clip 2 Black hand connectors on.
14&15. Fix the two together as shown.
16&17. Attach them to the rest of the slide by clipping the blue rod into the blue connector

The slide is finished.
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teddyman12314 days ago

This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

slithien4 years ago
Ive been waiting so very long for a slide action pistol with a mag in the handle to come!!! Ill build it now and write some good poinys and bad points a little later.
I'm working on one with slide removable mag ind i might put safety on it too
freeza2394 years ago
this gun sucks
like your mother O_O its a p good gun i havent started to make it yet but you can tell its a good gun
Mag jams really easily, shame because it's a really nice concept.
xieandy184 years ago
1. What does it shoot?
2. Do you really have to use a broken "Y" clip?
Does the mag have to be slanted?
Yes, otherwise the ammo won't fit.
Trebor__245 years ago
black hand???
y clip
PiTBuLL8925 years ago
the red rod on the firing pin isnt big enough to get the bullet out of the barrel while a grey rod is to big to be cocked by the slide. what do i do??
Extend the front as in the pictures on the allsteps page.
??? im not a pro member and i cant use all steps page. what do u mean by extend the front like how?

plz awnser.
Like this.
oh and my bullets dont come out and when they do they only shoot 5 feet.
slithien4 years ago
I finished it today, it took about 3 hours in total to build and get working. Good points: its a awesome gun once you get it working and put a few bands on to build up the power, its powerful, the slide works perfectly and never falls off, it doesnt take to long to unjam.
Bad points: the magazing can mess up (i had to do a lot of work to find out why it wasnt working my edits to the mag were: 1.above the trigger there is a small blue clip take it off and move it to the over sode of the mag. 2.on the pusher make the elastic band realy loose inso it only justs pushes the ammo up. 3. I changed the ammo to white rods because they dont get stuck half way down the barrol. 4.move the gun inso mag is in a straight horizontel position and then tape in a green rod through bboth of the middle yellow connectors. 5.dont load over 4white rods), the trigger can turn aroung and gets annoying(to fix this change the grey connectors for two white rods), the sights are a little to high.
james45 years ago
when things don't work i get mad at the person that makes it      :'(  
:'( >:(
vinno935 years ago
is it really not a good pistol
yes it is its amazing i love iy
freerunnin15 years ago
 yeah i made a good slide action pistol from your slider and Big z's pistol, it shoots well and is reliable. seen as your pistol jams often i used his firing mechanism and ammo, the shape of the top of his gun is similar to yours so i just added your slider and slider guides, :P works well btw you've got the best slide action mechanism ive seen so far. the grey clips are the bullets and the blue bits are alternate ammo. this is what it looks like:
 it wont upload the picture for some reason :S
this gun never shoots if there is more than 1 rod in the mad but i like the slide
PiTBuLL8925 years ago
so what your saying is we dont need to break it???
I have made this knex gun so i has really good range and good aiming but when i built this gun the trigger didnt work
knexjay5 years ago
perfect instructions nice!
AzNaLaNo6 years ago
isnt this like DSman's side arm's mag and trigger
No Dsman's is like mine without the slide.
You play ms?
hell ya
Is it mapleglobal? cause i'm using WhiteBishop0 since my pro got hacked. wah F7
Whitebishop0 got banned for no reason now, cant get it back, new character now, seen the cks?
Actually DSman used this guy's design.
novakfor36 years ago
Great gun, nice write up, 4/5! In the picture, you can see I moded my gun. 1. On the slide, I added several parts for strength. 2. I took out the magazine pusher, I was having trouble with that, it kept on jamming the slide. 3. That grey rod I put by the trigger? Well, sometimes I pressed the trigger to hard and it would pop out, now it can't come out. 4. Put on rubber bands several different ways. This gun in my opinion is more for looks and not strength. I love the slide action thought, it doesn't jam at all and I can slide it easily.
AliGame6 years ago
Good one, I built it. But the magazine doesn't work :( I'm loading the rods in the front part of the thing currently. But I really would like the magazine to work.
bean dip6 years ago
Thanks.I like this gun its pretty good.
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