Step 6: Loading and firing

Picture of Loading and firing
To load the gun simply pull out the magazine pusher and slot grey connectors attached to green rods in to the handle so that they a parallel to the barrel as in the picture.

To cock the gun grip the top of the slide, press down slightly and pull the slide all the way back. Then release the slide and it should return to its previous place.
freeza2394 years ago
this gun sucks
like your mother O_O its a p good gun i havent started to make it yet but you can tell its a good gun
PiTBuLL8925 years ago
the red rod on the firing pin isnt big enough to get the bullet out of the barrel while a grey rod is to big to be cocked by the slide. what do i do??
Extend the front as in the pictures on the allsteps page.
??? im not a pro member and i cant use all steps page. what do u mean by extend the front like how?

plz awnser.