Knex Slide Arm Pistol





Introduction: Knex Slide Arm Pistol

About: im just a 15 year old dude :P i love spending time in the Gym. im doing Thai boxing, and i love metal!!! i want to be a carmechanic later on...

this is my slide arm gun..........

sorry for the crappy foto's,,,, need to buy new a camera


Step 1: Okay, the Magazine, and Handle


Step 2: The Barrel

follow again xD

Step 3: Connect, and Slide

guess what u need to do here :P

Step 4: Slide Guide


Step 5: Trigger, and Other Stuff


Step 6: Ram Rod, Mag Pusher, Last Detail


Step 7: Attaching Rubber Bands




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    nice im gonna build it looks good too

    Wow!!! Awsome gun I love loading the gun and the slide is awsome Plz make some awsome mods or make anothEr version that looks a bit better with like an outer casing or something but anyway awsome gun it's cool as 5/5 stars!!!

    1 reply

    how can 5 stars itself be cool???

    bad range unless there are 7 bands on each side which gives you blisters when pulling it back but other than that nice gun i rate it 4/5

     built it and found multiple problems 1. it fires 2 shots at once and jams the third 2. the slide part that pulls back breaks off allot 3. it takes surgeon hands to load it 1. and 2. are the major ones. not a bad gun though 4/5

    1 reply

    did u made bullets with green rods on the end??(u need to have Y-connectors) that is usually the problem witch allows te gun to grab 2 bullets at once,,,,, maybee u should tape the slide+ramrod then :P so u wont have any snap off's.

    ty for rating my gun 4/5....

     Slide action?
    if so i will rate 5 stars and i will build probably

    5 replies

    yeah man the slide rlly goes back and forward to pull the ramrod back ;);)

     kk  i might build tomorrow. right now its pretty late

     and i gave it 5 stars :)

    thnx man ;) finnaly some real comments :):):):)

      :) i hear ya :) this gun is pretty sweet!!!!! i build the slide mechanism and it worked great!!!! this gun needs a higher rating!!!  speaking of ratings.. i have 3 guns on page 1, and one of those guns is in spot #1 :)  check it out!

    awesome job!!!!

    semes haf al rite.

    Fix your spelling and grammar please!

    But anyway, looks good!

    i shoots grey clips with an Y-Connector at the end, as u can see step 6 pic 1

    Step 6 -> Picture 1 -> Image notes.