this is my slide arm gun..........

sorry for the crappy foto's,,,, need to buy new a camera


Step 1: Okay, the Magazine, and Handle


Step 2: The Barrel

follow again xD

Step 3: Connect, and Slide

guess what u need to do here :P

Step 4: Slide Guide


Step 5: Trigger, and Other Stuff


Step 6: Ram Rod, Mag Pusher, Last Detail


Step 7: Attaching Rubber Bands

more of a pull action...
nice im gonna build it looks good too<br>
Wow!!! Awsome gun I love loading the gun and the slide is awsome Plz make some awsome mods or make anothEr version that looks a bit better with like an outer casing or something but anyway awsome gun it's cool as 5/5 stars!!!
how can 5 stars itself be cool???
bad range unless there are 7 bands on each side which gives you blisters when pulling it back but other than that nice gun i rate it 4/5
&nbsp;built it and found multiple problems 1. it fires 2 shots at once and jams the third 2. the slide part that pulls back breaks off&nbsp;allot&nbsp;3. it takes surgeon hands to load it 1. and 2. are the major ones. not a bad gun though 4/5
did u made bullets with green rods on the end??(u need&nbsp;to have Y-connectors)&nbsp;that is usually the problem witch allows te gun to grab 2 bullets at once,,,,, maybee u should tape the slide+ramrod then :P so u wont have any snap off's. <br /> <br /> <br /> ty for rating my gun 4/5....<br /> <br />
&nbsp;Slide action?<br /> if so i will rate 5 stars and i will build probably
yeah man the slide rlly goes back and forward to pull the ramrod back ;);)
&nbsp;kk &nbsp;i might build tomorrow. right now its pretty late
&nbsp;and i gave it 5 stars :)
thnx man ;) finnaly some real comments :):):):)
&nbsp;&nbsp;:) i hear ya :) this gun is pretty sweet!!!!! i build the slide mechanism and it worked great!!!! this gun needs a higher rating!!! &nbsp;speaking of ratings.. i have 3 guns on page 1, and one of those guns is in spot #1 :) &nbsp;check it out!<br /> <br /> awesome job!!!!<br /> -Kev<br />
semes&nbsp;haf al rite.<br /> <br /> Fix your spelling and grammar please!<br /> <br /> But anyway, looks good!
what does it shoot <br />
i shoots grey clips with an Y-Connector at the end, as u can see step 6 pic 1
Step 6 -&gt; Picture 1 -&gt;&nbsp;Image notes.<br />

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