Introduction: Knex Slim Demolition Car "little Lightning"

Picture of Knex Slim Demolition Car "little Lightning"

One really slim knex demolition car I nicknamed "
little lightning"

Step 1: Get These Parts

Picture of Get These Parts

3 white connectors
4 yellow connectors and rods
4 red connectors
8 blue rods
12 blue rings
4 tan connectors
4 small wheels
14 white rods

Step 2: The Wheels

Picture of The Wheels

The white rods for the wheels have 3 blue rods on them closest to the white connector.
Duplicate for the back wheels

Step 3: The Front Supports

Picture of The Front Supports

Not hard at all

Step 4: The Back Supports

Picture of The Back Supports

Step 5: Connecting the Front and Back Supports

Picture of Connecting the Front and Back Supports

Just attach the yellow to yellow and white to white then put blue in yellows to the whites like the front.


Nice job!

sandroknexmaster (author)2014-07-04

Ha, nice!

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