One really slim knex demolition car I nicknamed "
little lightning"

Step 1: Get These Parts

3 white connectors
4 yellow connectors and rods
4 red connectors
8 blue rods
12 blue rings
4 tan connectors
4 small wheels
14 white rods

Step 2: The Wheels

The white rods for the wheels have 3 blue rods on them closest to the white connector.
Duplicate for the back wheels

Step 3: The Front Supports

Not hard at all

Step 4: The Back Supports

Step 5: Connecting the Front and Back Supports

Just attach the yellow to yellow and white to white then put blue in yellows to the whites like the front.
<p>Nice job!</p>
<p>Ha, nice!</p>

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Bio: I have a strong passion for cars so you will see a lot if car related things
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