K'nex Slingshot Gun Update + Competition/challenge


Introduction: K'nex Slingshot Gun Update + Competition/challenge

About: Hi, my name is master-splinter306. Before I talk about myself, I want you to know about Linkin_J_Knex. He is a great guy. Please check out his profile and subscribe to him. Now about me, I love ma...

Hey guys! I finally got a stock on this sucker! It is not much but it works for me. Okay so, I will not be posting much for about one week or so, because my birthday is next friday, March 18th! Whoo hoo yay pow yay!!!! But I'm serious my birthday is next week. So I will rarely post comments, but I will be replying to everything I get. So I was thinking, why don't we have a competition/challenge?! I will have a birthday competition from now, till my birthday! On my birthday, I will judge who makes this best k'nex gun! The gun MUST WORK, AND MUST BE DECENT LOOKING. It does not have to be mag fed, or slingshot mech, it has to be a WORKING GUN. So everyone who does it and finishes, listen up.

Post your gun on this instructable for me to judge on MARCH 18TH AT 12:00 SHARP! Please do this contest. It will be like a birthday present to me. So guys, please do this for master-splinter306. Have a great day guys good byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!



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    Stock looks great and gives it a really interesting shape! I'm afraid I won't be taking part in the contest if there's such a short deadline anyway happy birthday for then!

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    Thanks man! Sorry about the short deadline. I guess I didn't put much thought into that. :(

    I got a knex flux account! I have the same username. master-splinter306

    Yep ;) something cool happens when you get 10 posts btw