Knex Slingshot Pistol

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Introduction: Knex Slingshot Pistol

Hi. This My First instructable. Thank you for stumbling upon it.

As you may see here a simple 5ft gun, the potential is in the slingshot mechanism, allowing to ranges of 50ftpls.I will not be posting as I believe it is simple enough to build from the pictures. If you wish, simply just ask for more pictures.
Oh and also, fold the #64 rubber band over, or if possible simply use a #34

Have fun sensibly with  my Pistol!!!


Range 4.5/5

Power 5/5

Looks 2/5

Accuracy 5/5

Do not hesitate to ask for help



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    Post please

    not bad, better looking than my slingshot rifle

    This gun does not show my true knowledge of knex. I found it lying in my bedroom.

    The trigger mechanism is horrible.

    Actually I do agree. This was the first gun I built. Back in 2007.

    I dont understand what you said?

    I agreed with DJ, and exclaimed my own opinion.

    Oh, ok than.

    I'm sorry but guns like this aren't acceptable here in 2012. Not meant to be mean or something