Ok this weapon is an experimental design for a slingshot sniper

Note the stock is not what will eventually be on this weapon I just took it off of my machine pistol and put it on here to show how it looks as a sniper
Thx hey you should try making a sniper corgi
<p>Naw, I don't really care for building big guns. The gun I am working on now will shoot at least 200 feet when it is finished. It is basically my shotgun, but improved with ammo holders, different barrel, better pin guide, and better sights. </p>
Very funny this thing is ugly but it shoots 100 ft with three bands and a yellow or red finnammo rod
<p>I think it looks very good compared to your other guns, aside from the stock. And the range sounds great too.</p><p>I dunno if you realize it, but you are really improving. Keep up the good work! :)</p>
No sorry It is a spinning wheel ratchet mech so it is simple
Do you have a video of firing this?
Looks great!

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