Knex Small Returning Arm Lift





Introduction: Knex Small Returning Arm Lift

     This is a smaller version martjnb95's returning arm lift. The reason I made it smaller is that for whatever reason I couldn't get the larger version to work properly. Anyway, let's get building! Below is the parts list. All parts are labeled in their classic colors. p.s. Enjoy the video.

  • green rods - 95
  • white rods - 137
  • blue rods*- 188
  • yellow rods - 78
  • red rods- 90
  • grey rods - 48
  • black rods- 4*
  • tan rod - 1*
  • grey connectors - 73
  • light grey connectors - 28
  • orange connectors - 37
  • red connectors - 89
  • green connectors - 39
  • yellow connectors - 130
  • white connectors - 27
  • purple locking connectors - 94
  • blue locking connectors - 57
            Clips and spacers
  • Y-clips - 58
  • blue clips - 16
  • tan locking clips - 34
  • ball clips - 3
  • socket clips - 2
  • washer - 1
  • blue spacers - 54
  • silver spacers - 33
            Wheels, Tires, and Gears
  • medium wheels - 6
  • large tires - 6
  • small grey gears - 6
  • small gears - 2
  • medium gears - 15*
  • large gear - 1
  • rubber band - 1
  • black hinge half - 3
  • motor - 1
  • chain links - 74
*Black rods are the length of grey rods but are made of harder plastic. You can still build this lift if you don't have them.
*Tan rods are the length of red rods but are made of harder plastic. You can still build this lift if you don't have them.
*Certain medium gears in this instructable must be gears with teeth or just regular gears. The image notes will explain it better.

Step 1: Motor Area

Step 2: Ball Entrance

Step 3: Connecting the Ball Entrance to the Motor Area

Step 4: Right Bottom Section

Step 5: Left Bottom Section

Step 6: Lower Ball Arm

     All of the ball arms are all most identical except for a few differences. So pay close attention.

Step 7: Right Middle Section

Step 8: Left Middle Section

Step 9: Middle Ball Arm

Step 10: Right Top Section

Step 11: Left Top Section

Step 12: Top Ball Arm

Step 13: Exit Track

Step 14: Attaching the Top Chain and Exit Track

Step 15: Attaching the Bottom Chain

Step 16: Finis!

Congratulations! Your all done! Leave a comment if something is unclear. Thank you.  



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    After your elevator freefall lift I've also built this lift for in my next ball machine.
    It works perfect, I didn't have any troubles with it yet.


    Nice! Glad to here it works great.

    i made this lift for my new ballmachine awsome works good !!!!!!!1

    Great! Can't wait to see it!

    amazing and it is for the new style balls gread job

    Awesome!! And one other thing not on the machine is that in the video, you showed the lift on your knex pool table along with the instructables icon by the cue ball holder. Still, great small version of returning arm lift though.

    Thanks. I thought the pool table would make a nice background. I was thinking that people watching the video may have not seen my pool table yet and say, "Hey. What is that in the background?"

    Nice lift! It's almost the same as the original I tought you would change it more than this.

    Thanks. I thought I would have to too. It actually wasn't that hard to build except for the motor area.

    Neat lift, I like all the chain and gears used, and also the moving exit track.