Knex-Smart-Person's New Knex Gun


Introduction: Knex-Smart-Person's New Knex Gun

Hello viewers, this is my new knex gun which is very sturdy, features a removable magazine, quite powerful for a magazine fed gun, has a true trigger, it is very accurate, and is an overall excellent weapon. The notes for my pictures are not working so I will include the notes.

1st picture: The new, overall gun

2nd picture: The most important parts of the gun, including the ram-rod, magazine, ammunition, and magazne pusher.

3rd picture: The magazine/ loading chamber.

4th picture: The magazine storage compartment in the stock.

5th picture: The true trigger

6th picture: The blue rod ammounition.

Please tell me if I should post and please comment, rate, and subscribe. Thank youfor your time and have a wonderful day.



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    Not really a smart design but it isn't terrible.

    Thank you all for your opinions I greatly appreciate them. Two more likes and I'll be posting an instructable!

    looks great!