Step 7: Foregrip

1,2 : foregrip

3,4 : bipod

5,6 : connecting the bipod to the grip

7,8,9 : steps to attach the grip. NB (the rod with gear must rotate to add or remove grip)
<p>Looking at Step 5: Image 6/7 (Cheek rest, as you called it), if you reversed the order of every other dark grey connector, the structural integrity would be greater.</p>
<p>you were lazy and didn't want to completely disassemble your gun XD no one can make it cuz you don't show how to make the parts less they are eagle eyed</p>
I see the reciever, go 'wtf' and then see you put relatively simple.... aww
<p>MADE MY DAY</p><p>X-D X-D</p>
This looks really cool! Good job :)
does it shoot?
Other people might make fun of it but honestly, I like it . You get a thumbs up and five*.Good job.
same here
sweet gun but can you strip it down? I want to save parts but get the same performance, and i dont care about looks. if you do this, let me know
Jeez, designs like this have existed since 2007. I'm surprised this got featured.
I like it.
Why did this get featured!?
you tred <br>
im in the proeses of the body <br>
Oh god is this what gets featured?
Could anyone who is going to say something about this being featured, please not. I didnt choose this gun to be featured so if your not happy then take it up with the person who featured it. <br>Thanks.
I dont get it! <br>

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