Step 7: Foregrip

1,2 : foregrip

3,4 : bipod

5,6 : connecting the bipod to the grip

7,8,9 : steps to attach the grip. NB (the rod with gear must rotate to add or remove grip)
This looks really cool! Good job :)
does it shoot?
Other people might make fun of it but honestly, I like it . You get a thumbs up and five*.Good job.
same here
sweet gun but can you strip it down? I want to save parts but get the same performance, and i dont care about looks. if you do this, let me know
I see the reciever, go 'wtf' and then see you put relatively simple.... aww
Jeez, designs like this have existed since 2007. I'm surprised this got featured.
I like it.
Why did this get featured!?
you tred <br>
im in the proeses of the body <br>
Oh god is this what gets featured?
Could anyone who is going to say something about this being featured, please not. I didnt choose this gun to be featured so if your not happy then take it up with the person who featured it. <br>Thanks.
It seems odd how the most simplistic things of today are featured.
The people who feature the knex guns probably do not quite know the details of how a knex gun works internally. I can't blame them for that, but yeah. <br> <br>This looks pretty nice and I find it deserves a place on featured.
I think he may mean instructions.......me too! dont get instructions well. please post more pictures or do a step-by-step..
I dont get it! <br>
It seems odd how the most simplistic things of today are featured.

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