This is my new smg!
Its a bit of a crossover between some smgs including the uzi,
its a pre silenced .45ACP smg with an integrated grip
and oh this is what the charging handle does to your green rod
and this'll be my first submit for then knex contest
Thanks anyway for considering
no promblem<br>but still if you can give me the exact size of the bullets i'll see what I can do
I have Knex pieces that look like APS bullets.
<p>this gun is asome great work </p><p>#knexgunboy</p>
voted! Btw make an aps underwater rifle (Google it).
<p>I looked up the caliber</p><p>there are no sites what so ever that show the exact size of the bullet</p><p>this would be guessing and fitting, Something I don't do when building,</p><p>so sorry I might not build it</p>
<p>ayy thanks</p><p>and I might just do that</p><p>good idea</p><p>idk if I have enough pieces</p><p>and I know it</p><p>I owned the living heck out of Cod Ghost and the multiplayer heuheuheu</p>
<p>ayy thx m8</p>
Dude, that looks really good, does it shoot?
<p>nope</p><p>broke it up tho</p><p>could have shooted</p><p>to lazy to do so :P</p>
<p>Looks good! You're very creative with names :p</p>
oh you~<br>*le blush*
Awesome I like the name too
<p>I really like it! Very cool looking, and I love the sight you have on it.</p><p>The first picture is pretty nice too. :)</p>
thanks! <br>and that my friend, is the magic of filters

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