Knex Smg Reaper


Introduction: Knex Smg Reaper

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First off imagine this weapon with a stock well that's how it started but we all know I can't build stocks so smg' work for me

The reaper has surprising stats as listed

Range 30-45 ft
Power ok
Accuracy good enough
Looks you decide
Reliability unbreakable

Step 1: Stuff

After receiving a rather mean email from a certain someone saying my stuff sucks and I should stop posting well I won't do that so here it is as specially asked for the reaper



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    You are really improving, DO NOT stop building you have way to much talent to stop, just much more to learn.

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    What flaws can u find for me to fix and make it better?

    This looks very nice! Good sights, looks, and front grip. You are getting much better.

    Who ever sent that email must have not been very nice... I wounder who it was?