Knex Smiley Face Picture





Introduction: Knex Smiley Face Picture

This is a picture made from Knex. It is a smiley face that you can hang up on your wall or cu[board or wherever you want to hang your masterpiece!

There is not really much to say about this... but if you like it, build it!

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Step 1: Pieces

These are the parts you will need:

Green - 180
White - 81

Yellow - 32
Red - 4
White - 50
Black (Black white connectors or can be blue ones) - 14

Got the pieces? Good, then lets build!

Step 2: Make the Picture.

This is just loads of different angles of it, not that you need all of them lol. Take note of the notes on the first picture.

Step 3: The String

Notes are on the pictures.

Step 4: Hang Up Your Picture!

Yay! You have finished! Now you can hang up your picture, and admire your artwork!

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    This is what I like about you, your creative. that's why k'nex was invented!

     use this picture for this step:


    Thanks for making this just for me! Lol

    he! this deserves to be featured!

    I'd like it more if the mouth was curved. Nonetheless, good idea.

    You're stupid. No, wait, I take that back. You're insane.
    And this is absolutely the BEST thing I have seen this year.
    Good work.

     very nice maybe i might make one i can see someone making diffrent style like =)  =(  XD  XP etc

    Awesome 5*s!