Step 3: The String

Notes are on the pictures.
This is what I like about you, your creative. that's why k'nex was invented!
 use this picture for this step:
 cool awesome!
Thanks for making this just for me! Lol
he! this deserves to be featured!<br />
I'd like it more if the mouth was curved. Nonetheless, good idea.<br />
You're stupid. No, wait, I&nbsp;take that back. You're insane.<br /> And this is absolutely the BEST&nbsp;thing I&nbsp;have seen this year. <br /> Good work.<br /> <br />
Great mosaic! 4.5*<br />
&nbsp;very nice maybe i might make one i can see someone making diffrent style like =) &nbsp;=( &nbsp;XD &nbsp;XP etc
Awesome 5*s!<br />
You're welcome!<br />
Omg this was posted like a couple minutes ago<br />
great idea! 4.5*!
no problem! im nearly done my ball machine, ill give you pics soon!
<p>A little...<br /> Random?</p> <p>Cool!</p>

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