Handle follow pics

Step 1: Part of Barrel

Follow pics

Step 2: Barrel

Follow pics it is ll long with 8 then the ratchet which is a snowflake with two green rods then two more barrel pieces

Step 3: Back of Barrel and Scope

Follow pics

Step 4: Mech and Trigger

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Step 5: Handle and Stock

Follow pics
You can find out how to build the handle on my other instructable on this gun

Step 6: Ammo Holder and Foregrip

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Step 7: Rubber Bands Loading and Firing

Follow pics and enjoy

Step 8: Stuff

I love this sight I hit the target shown from five feet so it must be accurate. The scope I am currently using is shown In the first pic it is called the corkscrew scope and I have another instructable on it so check it out so yea its a boss. I'm not sure on the exact range is but il test it later
Again trying to keep this a low piece project i made it simple light and comfortable
also it has a ammo storage compartment in back. If u have any questions or comments obviously ask in the COMMENTS wowwww

Step 9: Pros and Cons

pretty sturdy, I love the scope ,good range ,extremely accurate, comfortable stock and comfortable body
Flimsy handle, single shot, no ways for a magazine to be added ,rubber bands need to be stretchy to stretch the length that is needed

Power is awesome from twenty feet using the ammo shown hit a paper target dead centre and went clean through a few pieces of paper
<p>Looks good!</p>
Heres the link on how to build the stock. https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Sniper-Rifle-84/
This is the target lol my camera ran out of memory so im just now adding the target i hit from five feet
Ok my first sniper rifle doesn't it look cool

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