This is a secret project that I have been working on for 2 weeks. It is very sturdy, powerful and accurate. It can pierce 2 coke cans from a distance of 5 feet!!!! It can go straight through a cereal box from 12 feet!!!!! It can fire over 100 feet without spinning in the air.
knexsim3 years ago
instruction plzzz
ill test this thing. i have an old barrel pretty much like tis, ill mod it into this gun.
... though i'll add a new bipod.
K-Dawg (author) 6 years ago
check out my new sniper. Its bolt action, witha mag. http://www.instructables.com/id/Bolt-Action-Sniper-Rifle/
Raiden976 years ago
the stock is simple, did you run out of pieces?
K-Dawg (author)  Raiden976 years ago
pls6 years ago
The stock/bi-pod could use some work, and credit to Viccie for the trigger.
The Jamalam pls6 years ago
you mean dsman for that kind of ratchet
pls The Jamalam6 years ago
Thought it was his, idk.