Hey guys, this is a sniper rifle i made, its deadmeats, ive made it again but much better, it shall not be posted due to the fact that its destroyed, and i hope you like, there are a few mods i made for my likings
Where are the instructions
awsome scope can i use it for a crossbow mod
pretty cool,
Thanks =)
Im thinking of building a sniper rifle after I post my grenade launcher
Didn't ya say you're gonna post it?
yea, i was, but the computer internet went out and i get pissed cuz i dont have time to wait for so long
Too bad...
<p> <strong><strike>I<br> IMEAN<br> LIKE<br> ITS<br> ITHINK</strike><br> AMAZING</strong></p>
Hey dude, could i PLEASE use the scope for my new gun? You get credit for it of course.
yea but you need to understand how it goes together in the front,ill try to get some pics up so you can see houw it works, it takes 2 cut rods though, i already had em and put em to use, you could sacrifice, two yellow rods to get 6 cut rods and the ends you need but thats up to you cuz i gots alot of yellow rod and i dont use em often
Thats no problem, i have like 200 and they arent much used, cept fer ammo.
okay, soon
cool 4*
looks epic!
Your welcome!!!!!!!!
looks pretty good! 5*

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