Knex Sniper Rifle




Introduction: Knex Sniper Rifle

About: Hi Im luke Or luke11wolf. I love building stuff out anything, especially knex. I like airsoft, sports, guns and wolfs are awesome. I know right aren't they awesome. c'mon agree, they're so awesome right. The...

this is my sniper, it is acurate, good shooting 60ft, and comfy.



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    I doubt this gets up to 60ft range because in the last picture the barrel is so heavy it bends...

    1 reply

    The barrell is fake at the end Check this one

    Im sorry to say but this is just another fake sniper that exists on this site.

    7 replies

    their all fake. And i wouldn't say yours are very different

    Not all knex snipers are fake. A true knex firing pin sniper, according to DJ Radio is the NAR. The only "real" sniper ive ever made would be my Creeping Death series I think.

    c'mon guys really, im new to knex, im not gonna make some sniper that shoots ten bajillion feet!

    Its your call, the basic NAR uses about the same pieces as this. I do understand that you are new.

    The only reason I say the NAR is a true knex sniper is because it gets insane ranges. Slingshots like the SRv2 would qualify too.

    its ok.