Dear Instructables members, this is NOT the current version of the rifle. The most recent ible is found in the link below. PLEASE DO NOT BUILD THIS, IT WILL RUIN YOUR PIECES AND CUT YOUR CHEEK!



Extremely Accurate
Very Light
Best Looking Sniper Rifle You Will Ever Find.

This is a great build for experienced builders. This gun is sort of hard to make, requiring screwdrivers (or some metal rod) for wedging in and out pieces. This gun can break pieces when being fired (EDIT: SR70A1 will have a better transfer system, more accurate and powerful!), for it uses the hammer mechanism of the K'nexecutioner 2.01 "Cyclone". Scope and barrel can be calibrated for maximum accuracy. Also, cheek pad can be customized, because the hammer can bounce up and hit your face.

I found that magazines have a tendency to jam up, and they would weaken up the gun overall. As a result, this is a barrel-loaded, simple pullback hammer.

If anyone manages to modify and publish another Instructable from this gun, just drop my name in it somewhere.

This instructable is, unless noted,  symmetrical. You do something to one side, you will be expected to do the same thing to the other side. A table of rod and connector color will be shown for your convenience. Good luck.

Rod and Connector Table
Green rod = Black rod
White rod = Shiny gray rod
Blue rod = Shiny blue rod
Yellow rod = Dark gray dotted rod
Red rod = Shiny green rod
Gray rod = Gray rod

Gray connector = Gray connector
Tannish white connector = White dotted connector
Red connector = Dark gray dotted connector
Green connector = Shiny green connector
Yellow connector = Extremely light gray connector
Blue connector = Shiny blue connector
Purple connector = Shiny gray connector
White connector = Black connector
Tan connector = Dark tan connector

EDIT: This gun is under development, I'm trying to make it break less and be stronger. The transfer rods will be gray, so they don't break. Expect SR70A1 to be out some time in May, maybe April.

Progress on SR70A1:
New scope, basic design credits go to James_Lawrence. Check his M82 Barrett out, looks awesome.
Stock bracing strengthened, pictures and Instructable will be up by March 27.

Finished, final refinements. Up around start of April.

New barrel finished. It uses the same frame, scope, hammer, and barrel (at least up to where it leaves the frame). About 4x powerful, accurate, and 3x the range. No need for break band. 3 rubber bands saved. Barrel : About 2ft long. New bipod system and bipod folding system.
Need to stiffen up barrel.

Theres too much going on with it it could be kind of like my sniper rifle just smooth
snoet3 years ago
i saw it after a while xD.
i've build the other one.
i changed the barrel a bit, because i did not have enough pices...
but it still doesn't work...
it shoots only three meters...
so could you help me with that please?
snoet3 years ago
i'm making the gun right now,
but i don't get the 5th immage...
how do i put the rubbers on?
prodo123 (author)  snoet3 years ago
Please read the notice at the top!
Newer versions do not have this.
prodo123 (author)  The Awsome J4 years ago
Don't build this, build the current one.

mberg5 years ago
i built it and it works great! the only thing is that the cheek pad, for some reason it was acting stupid. also the fourth ram rod(the front yellow one) came out of place 2 times. other than that the guns great!
prodo123 (author)  mberg5 years ago
Sorry to break the news to you, but this version is outdated. I mean, if you wanna keep it at this version it's perfectly fine. SR70A1 PSRS is the newest, and it doesn't jam at all. More powerful too. If you wanna upgrade your gun, here's the address: http://www.instructables.com/id/SR70A1-PSRS/ Do it. Recommended. Cheek pad is no longer stupid.
mberg prodo1235 years ago
also when your online reply this(for your newer gun0... 1.approxamently how many pices does it take 2.how well does it work 3.how long did it take you to build 4.do you have a good bipod
zakplayyy5 years ago
How would you wedge the rods in with a screwdriver?
prodo123 (author)  zakplayyy5 years ago
You hold it perpendicular to the bar, then push in where the connector clips aren't blocking the way. Don't look at this version, it sucks. Go to SR70A1.
prodo123 (author) 5 years ago
Alright, the gun is FINISHED! A sneak-peek is to be uploaded real soon. The instructable will take longer, but SR70A1's improvements are :

Longer Barrel
Longer and Fewer Transfer Rods
WAY better scope
Better faceguard
sturdier stock
better trigger
Adjustable Butt
3 Rubber Bands ONLY!
better triggerguard
Better bipod support
Railings for Accessories

Stronger, More Accurate, and More Comfortable! Looks even better, too.
prodo123 (author) 5 years ago
Alright, progress on SR70A1 - Nearly finished, need to stiffen up the barrel. Any tips?
prodo123 (author)  prodo1235 years ago
I'm thinking of adding a 1/4 inch dowel to stiffen up the barrel (somewhat waste of money). Better ideas?
Use a real barrel like on the TR.
prodo123 (author)  Raikou-san5 years ago
this IS a real barrel. A "Fake" portion of the rail is there so it can frame the transfer rods. Also, this looks better.
~KGB~5 years ago
Nazgul5 years ago
 awesome im making this soon as i dont have many pieces but this looks like a promising sniper :D