Picture of Knex Sniper Rifle
General description:
- Fires yellow rods
- Some parts are detacheble
- No toy
- Different combinations possible (-> pictures)
- ...

- Small magazine (for 5 yellow rods)
- Big magazine (for 11 yellow rods)
- Extra large magazine (for 50 yellow rods)
- Shoulder piece
- Big extension of the barrel
- Bipod
Futured parts:
- Smal extension of the barrel

The gun shoots 120 feet
But it depends on wich elastic you use

Working; pull firing pin back, bullet drops in the barrel, firing pin and bullet locks, shoot the gun, then repeat.

Step 1: Barrel

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i love this gun i have made it 5 times! it is very cool.but it doesnt shoot very far.
Annix153 years ago
Learn to take better pictures, SO BLURRY
ipod killer (author)  Annix153 years ago
Learn to read first ore learn how the world evolves.
In the year 2007, digital camera's weren't toys for kids yet.
These pictures where taken with a cell phone camera.
If I remember correctly it was a 1.3 MP cell phone camera.
just got pwned!
"pwned' was invented when somone said owned wrong thus the wiled craze of saying "pwned"
Yeah I know. But literally everyone uses it.
i dont...
my family doesn't...
Learn to spell first, and i got a camera in 2007 when i was 10, and took you forever to reply back, that was a month ago.
Learn to stop being a noob, or I will troll you like a BOSS
Dont critisize everyones work, just shut up and get on with life


I can make the weapon using the instructable; so can you
ultimut cat3 years ago
awesome gun 5 stars!
Dashadower3 years ago
part list please
dragon#13 years ago
could i get the parts list???????
Mikestr123 years ago
I dont even have enough for the first part
Mikestr123 years ago
Inventor X4 years ago
Alot of Tan clips ... but I love it. 5/5
T-man8 years ago
cant build
ipod killer (author)  T-man8 years ago
why not
Pictures too blury.
Lol none of the pictures are too blurry, if you can see things without glasses :s
the pictures arent that bad but i cant build it cuz i dont have enough dark grey connectors
Antony T-man8 years ago
Build 2 of the third pictures and 1 of the second picture and insert the trigger. O and sorry for being such a basterd on my instructable about calling you tampon man andsaying that i will beat you with my hickery stick...:(
T-man Antony7 years ago
cant buld the gun
ipod killer (author)  T-man7 years ago
why can't you build it
to hard
may be i am a ignorant how the trigger works
WAAAYY TO BLURRY MAN! Now I can't finish my Shifle!
hi, im trying to make some knex guns, but I have a very tiny supply of knex. i was wondering if anyone could tell me which knex sets have the most usable pieces. i would appreciate any and all help. thanks in advance!
Buy from ebay, I got 5.5 kilos for £40
I know much sets, but to which price do you want them??? Because there are sets with VERY much knex but they will cost more money.
I can spend ~$70 on knex this time. would that be enough? i will buy them from knex.com. i appreciate it.
you can get 3 400piece value tubs for about 60 bucks.If there's a walmart nearby ,lets hope so! :)
for forty bucks i got 12 pounds on ebay, POWNED!!!!
For $60 i got 12,500 pieces on craigslist. PWND!!!!
but is 12500 peices more than 12 pounds?
I hope so, otherwise i would feel like an idiot. I'm 99.99% sure it is heavier because my ball machine(7,741 pieces) weighed a lot more than 12 lbs.
but i also paid 20 bucks LESS than you
It works out that I got a better deal but I don't really care anymore.
Me neither let's just drop this haha
i hate to be a killjoy but its pwnd not powned
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