This is my renewed knex sniper, the sf-13, which means sniper, foda (f*** yeah in Portuguese), and 13 a random number. Ranges are 80 ft( its the last versions range, I still haven't tested) +, accurate up to 30 ft. It contains a attachable bipod, that connects on the barrel, and on its compartment under the handle. 10 round mag, good for its compact size and for a sniper rifle. Contains custom metal ram rod, pin guide, bipod, adjustable sights, strong and light trigger, comfy handle, awesome "ads grip" , carrying strap, hooking stock butt for better support, and metal bars for reinforcing. I hope you like it, comment, subscribe and follow my next ibles! Comment!!
Just awsome! É Brasileiro ?
Sou cara. Vc curte knex tamb&eacute;m? <br>Obrigado, da uma olhada nos meus outros projetos.
Correction, just tested it, I got 100 ft range!!

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