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Introduction: Knex Sniper Thingamabob

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THis Knex Sniper Thingamabob is a sniper + pistol
This is my first instructable and my spelling sucks

Step 1: Handle

this handle

Step 2: Barrel 2

This part 2 of the barrel REMINDER: THIS GOES ON 1ST

Step 3: Triiger

the triger i sjust a block triger on either side with another orange connector tape to the other (sry 4 no pic)

Step 4: Barrel 1 Part 2

this barrel is a drop in barrel with a clip to keep the bullet in place Pix
Pic1: biuld these
Pic2: conect

Step 5: Stock

stock make

Step 6: Pistol Handle+ Pin

Pic1: 2 yellow rod full of red connectors i use orange flexi rods
Pic2: pin use a black or white semi transparent long rod sharpend a little bit (hand pencil sharpeners wor better)duct tape works well

Step 7: Connect

Pic1:barrel 2 to barrel 1
Pic2: connect handle to barrel 2
Pic3: connect stock to barrel 2,put pin in barrel 2

Step 8: Rubberbands

Put on rubber bands
Auto lock triger: put the rubber band on to trigger on the blue rod next to it make sure it is small

Pin: Put rubber bands on the pin and strech to the first white connector



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    33 Discussions

    I don't see a picture 2? :(

    my mom knows. just because we make guns does not mean we want to go out and shoot someone. the entire reason i make knex guns is because i like to build in knex and like to watch the pieces fly across the room. how is knex any different then nerf(besides that you have to make the knex gun)

    precisely, i like projectiles aswell. and knex is perfect because there are so many different possibilities. and to that guy yes my parents both know, usually when i make a new gun i go and ask my dad if i can shoot him.. generally it's no. :) but other than that i wouldnt shoot anyone on without asking them.

    Rather simple>.< Block trigger with a big barrel.