Knex Sniper V.6 With Vid





Introduction: Knex Sniper V.6 With Vid

Ok so I wanted a unique and versatile mech that doubles as both a breech load mech with an integrated mag

Basically it is a breech loaded internal mag

Vids just check them on my YouTube channel
named jared Bussard

Google "jared Bussard YouTube knex" then videos you will find them

Step 1: What We Think We Make

Step 2: What We Actually Make

No offense to whoever made this but well.. We all start somewhere



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    This is nice! but i would suggest that you take a little clearer picture of the gun.

    Lol heh that's a first because I'm as slow as a Retarted kid trying to swim in molasses

    Thx Man I hope I can improve the design
    But I wish more people saw my stuff so people like blue mullet and the such can innovate on ut

    I saw the vids. Nice handle too. On Viper I thought about a breach mag like you have on this, but I got lazy and you did it first.

    Really cool, I like it! Not sure if it is the first, but I can't think of one like it, so great job!