Knex Space Knight Star Fighter





Introduction: Knex Space Knight Star Fighter

These are PDF instructions for how to build a knex star fighter.Enjoy!



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    I don't know if it's valid, but you should totally enter this into the First Time Authors contest, if you're allowed to.

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    He can't. Contests only allow entries of instructables that are published after the contest start date.

    Thank you. I have no idea what the contest is though.

    Well, it ended a few days ago. Besides, it wouldn't have been valid.

    I don't know if it's valid, but you should totally enter this into the First Time Authors contest, if you're allowed to.

    How many pieces is this!!! Great job by the way. :)

    Great job man! I love this ship fighter. OK, I am not trying to offend you or anything, maybe I could even be wrong but isn't it called a tar fighter instead of a star fighter? Now I could be wrong but who knows. I just wanted to give my thought but I could be wrong but I am not trying to correct you or offend you but I am just saying what I think I recall. But anyway, I love the star fighter or (tar fighter) either one is awesome! I especially like the form of it and I think you did a great job!

    So I hope I didn't offend you or anything I am just saying what I think it was. Still great job and keep up your great work

    sincerly, master-splinter306

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    Nope, not offended at all. I am pretty sure it is called a Jedi Starfighter ( But just so I wouldn't involve any copyright issues I decided to make it a generic "knex knight star fighter"

    Yeah, I just tried to look "tar fighter" up, and it didn't work. But, I am sorry for the misunderstanding but I thought it was called a tar fighter, but it wasn't. But great job anyway!

    Wow so you designed all those different parts yourself? That's nice!

    Autodesk Inventor/Publisher. It was good practice for learning the software.

    So, you modeled all the parts and made an assembly? If so sweet! Can I have the files for the knex parts? Or at least the dimensions you used to model them?

    I have inventor as well, do you mind publishing dimensions? Personally I like inventor way more than mlcad. I would appreciate it if you were to give out the part dimensions.

    Unfortunately, due to possible software license and copyright patent issues with K'nex, I do not distribute the files and/or dimensions. Plus, I do not have them recorded anywhere. All dimensions were measured using calipers (0.001 accuracy) and entered directly into autodesk.

    Alrighty then, do you remember the indents, that's the only thing I need.

    Indents? 1 or 2? (2) was obtained by eye ball approximation and what looked right. (1) Was an educated guess combined with measurements. I am sorry but I will not list any other dimention details aside from the image.


    This looks really cool! Thanks for sharing the great instructions!