Knex Space Ship





Introduction: Knex Space Ship

This is a space ship that I saw from a photo of when I was younger. I don't know where it is from but it is awesome. I hope you enjoy. As always, please favourite and comment on how I could improve it or how I could improve the instructions.

Step 1: The Wings

These are pretty simple. The purple connectors are the same as grey connectors.

Step 2: The Front

We'll add a little place for the pilot after. IMPORTANT- you should switch the two orange connectors on the wheel and the two purple connectors a shown in the final picture.

Step 3: The Pilot... Place... Thing

I don't know what this place is called but... er... shut up.

Step 4: The Body

Everything will join up to this. The wheels can be stored as can the front ones. The little guns use green rods as bullets.

Step 5: Putting It Together

YEAH! Finished.



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Looks like a star wars spaceship! Great!

Looks nice!

looks very much like a Viper mark 2 from Battlestar Galactica 1978-2004

This is from the Launcher Series 1 set - 13029

So that is why it looks so familiar!

I think that the cockpit area could be a little bit less skeletal. Other than that, it looks good. Nice work. :)