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Introduction: Knex Stair Lift

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I finally decided to post my stair lift. It's similar to the stair lift I used in Wipe Out, except for a few modifications. The steps sort of work like pistons, going up and down on rods of different length. Each rod is a green rod higher than the one before it. This one has an improved design since the last one, like better platforms and an enter and exit track. I also made it more reliable.

This lift also works with the newer balls.

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I hope you like it!

Step 1: Parts List

Before you begin building, you'll want to gather all of these pieces:

Rods:  296

Connectors:  261
dark gray- 57
light gray-20

Other:  122
blue spacer-47
silver spacer-43
Y clip-5
tan clip-23
(metallic) blue clip-1
red gear-1
blue gear-1
battery powered motor-1
balls-at least 1

Total:  679

If you have all these parts, then on to the next step!

Step 2: The Axle and Motor

In this step you'll build the axle that lifts the stairs up and down and put the motor on. The axle is part A, and the motor is part B. Don't forget any spacers!

Step 3: The Tower, Side 1

This is one side of the tower. You'll find that there's a pattern on the tower. Not much more to say, but pay close attention to the pictures.

Step 4: The Tower, Side 2

This is the second side of the tower.

Step 5: Combining Steps 2-4

In this step you'll assemble what you have built so far. Make sure to connect everything when putting the towers together.

Step 6: The Motor Section and Entrance Track

After you're done building the motor section and entrance track, you'll attach them to the model.

Step 7: The Steps

Now you finally get to build what the stair lift is all about. You'll have to build four steps.

Step 8: The Exit Track

This is the easiest step of this Instructable.

Step 9: Adding Steps 7 and 8

You're almost finished! Just add the steps and exit track to the model. Make sure the steps slide on the yellow rods.

Step 10: Done!

Hooray, you finished the stair lift! Now put the balls in, turn the motor on, and watch the balls go up.

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Yeah, I'm not sure what the limitations are though. I built one that was 5 stairs and it worked fine, and I think there have been 6-stair ones that work well too.

my foot always gets in the picture

i've made it before and cause it was so good i'm making it again!!!!!!

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Looks nice, thanks for building!

oh thanks! it was also fun to build!!!

Yes, you'll just have to modify it a bit.

I did it!!!! will show a picture!

ok! thanks! I have an old battery pack motor that runs ok but it squeals a lot. Glad to hear it will work!!!!

No, that's just the piece counting step, so you don't have to build anything yet.

COOOOOoooool! Awesome! You've built a great instructable!

In step 2 pic4, whats the black thing underneath the black snowflake connector? (2nd from left)

I honestly had my doubts about this but I built it and it worked. Very nice job on the design.

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Thats cool! 5* you deserve it! =D