Knex Star Wars Y-Wing (prototype)



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Introduction: Knex Star Wars Y-Wing (prototype)

my knex rebel y-wing prototype! comment and tell me about the body of it. i think i will redo the body but keep the engines. comment and tell what you think and i will post an instructable!



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    Hey guys, the real slifenoa286 here, finally got my account back, I see while it was hacked someone posted a y-wing. Thats cool, but it isn't mine, so don't think it is. Anyways, just sending a quick re-greeting to all you people out there!

    i know right im gonna start making an x-wing to go with it !!!! :)
    people should make more star wars stuff :/

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    Hey I just recently made a star wars ible

    OMG! I've never seen anyone build Star Wars stuff out of K'nex! AWESOME! I LOVE IT!

    im perfecting my clone jaggernaut ans building an mtt so i will have a line real soon.  so i will post in the meantime.


    You have a whole line of these right?

    Looks cool!

    slideshow wont show so here are pics


    GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! why wont it work??????????